XTiP App for iPhone, Android & iPad in the Test of 2019

Although XTiP is still a relatively new bookmaker, the “only” 2014 online at the Start, the sports betting was provider immediately, however with a XTiP-App. In today’s time, it is important that sports betting will be available not only on Desktop but also for mobile devices. You can access the device on the XTiP-App with any mobile and need to download any App. In addition, you benefit from an exclusive betting bonus in the amount of 15 Euro. Also, restrictions are not to be expected in the XTiP-App, because this application is not a native Download App, but a mobile-optimized, and therefore, always current Version of the bookmaker. In addition, the bookmaker is offering – in addition to the classic, mobile website, also a native Download App is only available for iOS and Android.
The Online bookmaker XTiP is offering a native Download App developed for iOS and Android. You can down load the App on a Smartphone or Tablet, you must keep for this purpose, however, a little space. For example, graphics do not need to be charged extra once again, as in the case of a classic mobile side of the case. After all, the XTiP-App is provided with all Offers, and offer the Desktop Version of the bookmaker-you have to live as a user of the mobile App with no restrictions (at least no restrictions that only apply to the mobile App).

In addition to the native Download App for XTiP, you can bet in addition to from any mobile device to access the mobile page of the sports-provider gain. Also the Download and also storage space is unnecessary is not needed on your Smartphone or Tablet. Instead, you easily surf on the mobile side of XTiP and thus have access to the most current Version of the XTiP -App.
Available to the mobile optimized page is available to any operating system and any device, provided you have a mobile Browser and an active Internet connection
As soon as you visit the mobile XTiP-App via a Browser or via the downloadable App, you can register with the provider. Fill in the fields in the registration and confirm the terms and conditions. You can get for your mobile registration, with XTiP the classic welcome bonus that can amount up to 100 Euro. It is important that you put a hook in the Bonus, to want this also.
Good to know: The welcome bonus you receive, regardless of where you register. Specifically for mobile devices there are of XTiP a further Bonus, the counts, however, is not for registration, but for your first bet.
You are registered with XTiP and now want to complete a first bet? This has several advantages, because in order to start your Chance of profitable income. At the same time you must be the use of a first sports bet on a mobile device, via an exclusive Mobile Bonus XTiP features.
The Deposit you make to your account at any time using the XTiP-App on the Browser or on the mobile Download App. You can find the corresponding Option in the menu in the “Deposit”. If you are looking for a certain Deposit method, it may be that you don’t need to make this the Desktop calculator, because XTiP offers unfortunately, not all Deposit methods are also mobile.
The look of the XTiP App is plain and rather simple. The dominant colors are Black and White, therefore, there are a few accents of color. Nevertheless, this Design has more advantages, because when it comes to betting, especially on speed, Overview, and good service. This is exactly a simple and clear, not overloaded Design.
You can see on the home page of the XTiP -App betting directly to the live that are currently available. In addition, you can with a click all available games show. In the account area you will see the previous deposits, withdrawals, and your already placed bets, your Bonus progress, and more.
The X-Live-Button: fast Navigation in the XTiP -App via the so-called X, manage-Live-Button. This can be found at the bottom of the menu, and returns immediately (no matter where you are on the page) back to the home page. The Button also allows you to some of the competitions immediately access it by the Button is held pressed for two seconds. Alternatively, you can find the classic Overview of the sports but also on the normal menu Navigation.
Although XTiP in terms of the betting offer is not part of the riders to the absolute top, but nevertheless the Portfolio to see. Everything Important is definitely represented here, too, the sports sets betting provider place a high value on football, but also on the hockey field. Football Fans at XTiP.
In terms of betting, the depth of the number of offered variants is perfectly adequate, although not outstanding. For the majority of sports betting Fans in both the sports as well as the bet types are sufficient, so that only professionals could miss, under certain circumstances, a couple of ways. The selection of long term bets is designed for XTiP, however, is particularly large, so that the provider can stand out from the competition.
A mobile App needs to uncomplicated to function, and the bet should be quick and efficient place. At XTiP both. The provider is not working Gestures, among other things, with good Overviews, but also with a wiper, in order to improve the handling even further. For example, click on “competition” and see at a glance the odds offered, the apply the classical approach for the 3-way betting. In the right box, you can see how many special bets available for this game.

Click on these special bets, you will have access to the entire betting depth for this Event. If you click on a Quote, apply them in your betting slip. In the bottom menu, you will see how many tips you have already taken the betting slip and you are able to go straight to your betting slip when you are finished.
You specify which type of bet (system bet, combo bet, etc.) you want to play, set a bet and place the bet slip after a further click.
Important: When Setting the first mobile bet, you can collect a mobile Bonus of 15 euros. For this purpose, you need to make in the XTiP-App only a minimum Deposit of ten euros, and then a first (it’s the first must place to be) bet on the mobile device. For the free play of the gift you have to put the amount within 90 days, however, no certain minimum rate.

When sports betting it’s often a matter of time. To exactly the time you want to turn hate to waste your data to Log in again and again. For this reason, the last registered user name will be stored XTiP automatically, so you just have to enter your password, if you want to log in to the XTiP-App. Also, the Logout works quickly and easily and is on the upper right Button.
The XTiP -App can be completely convincing, since it keeps a solid and very soccer-heavy sports betting offering, with good long-term bets offers, but, above all, very clear and user-friendly the is designed. Unfortunately, all the Deposit methods in the App are not available, however, you can look forward while you Place your first mobile bet (in combination with a Deposit) an extra mobile Bonus. This mobile Bonus is betting with other sports providers, very rarely. Available to you is at XTiP, both a mobile Download App for iOS and Android – in addition, a mobile-optimized website, which is for all operating systems are equally available.

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