UEFA Nations League game plan – All of the data, dates and info

For the first time will be held in the 2018/19 season, the UEFA Nations League. The new competition for national teams, has replaced the “annoying” friendship games. All 55 European football Nations have the obligation to play the way to the back door the way to the European Championships 2020. Due to the UEFA Nations League game plan the representatives, secure in a kind of “second Chance”, should be moved to the regular excretion of 2019 against the tree.
In the autumn phase – i.e. in September, October and November will be held the group stage on four levels. Who bet his football successfully to place, of course, should know the fixtures. We have compiled the following the complete UEFA Nations League game plan clearly.
Group 1 Germany, France, the Netherlands
Group 2 with Belgium, Switzerland, Iceland
Group 3 with Portugal, Italy, Poland
Group 4 with Spain, England, Croatia
The four group winners of League A will qualify for the Final Four in June 2019. The venue is still to be determined. Have applied for the three countries in the season of C, i.e., Portugal, Italy and Poland. The group winner will then automatically enjoy home advantage in the playoffs. The Final Four will be played in Ko-mode. The two semi-final games will be at 5. and 6. June discharged. The match for place 3 will be held on 9. June in the afternoon instead. Directly followed by the first finals of the UEFA Nations League is on the rise.
Group 1, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Slovakia
Group 2 with Russia, Sweden, Turkey
Group 3 with Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Northern Ireland
Group 4 with Wales, Ireland, Denmark
Group 1, Scotland, Albania, Israel
Group 2: Hungary, Greece, Finland, Estonia
Group 3 with Slovenia, Norway, Bulgaria, Cyprus
Group 4 Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Lithuania
Group 1 with Georgia, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Andorra
Group 2 with Belarus, Luxembourg, Moldova, San Marino
Group 3 Azerbaijan, Faroe Islands, Malta, Kosovo
Group 4 with Macedonia, Armenia, Liechtenstein, Gibraltar
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