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The quality of a bookmaker is also defined by its rates. It is important that the rate level is fair and the conditions are reputable.
Especially as a beginner, you are dependent on that the bookmaker will treat you fair and not cheating. Tipico offers as a German bookmaker not only Top rates and a lot of seriousness, but also good transparency.
With this guide we want to inform you about the odds on Tipico and all of the questions to answer. As the rate of key works and where Tipico significantly, and we want to give you the Following answer.
In the best providers from the sports betting sector, the rate keys are about 92 to 96 percent. The bookies reckon so, with a profit of 4 to 8 per cent, of the wandering in the own pocket. In the case of many thousands of bets every day, the Booker can generate enough profit in order to be successful on the market. The withdrawal of the key so the profit margin of the bookmaker. You can calculate the rate key in the case of a 3-way bet itself, by applying the following formula:
1/ (1/Rate Victory + 1/Ratio Draw + 1/Rate Of Loss) *100
You will get the percentage to pay off the bookmaker stakes. We have chosen as an example some of the quotes from the Tipico Website, and the quote key. It is visible that in the Top Events, the rates are even more attractive than it already is on the Tipico Website.
Bayer 04 Leverkusen vs SV Werder Bremen: 1,50 – 4,40 – 6,30 (rate key: 94,96%)
Kiki Bertens vs. Belinda Bencic: 2,30 – of 1.55 (rate key: 92,59%)
Eisbären Berlin vs. Adler Mannheim: 2,35 – 4,30 – 2,35 (rate key: 92,16%)
Sandnes vs. Tunet: 3,80 – 6,00 – 1,45 (rate key: 90,90%)
On the basis of the ratio key, you can see clearly that the German bookmaker has placed a priority on the football offers. Especially in the Bundesliga, there are outstanding Top odds, taking on the international market in a leading position. Because there are at Tipico a large betting market for football bets, raises the average rate level to around 94 percent. With this mathematical payout approach of the German bookmaker is already very generous, but still not all the way forward.

Rates in the League
Nevertheless, the rates are also in the other sports, actually, at any time, and the 90 per cent mark, so the of the bets at Tipico for the User always fair. With 90 percent of the so-called integrity line is marked. You should find a bookmaker whose payout key lies underneath, of which will let you better the Finger!
The level of Quota for live bets must always be separately assessed because it may differ significantly from the result betting. Here Tipico can convince us are betting the odds in the live-range but really good. While the competition offers really bad odds in the live betting, Tipico, especially in the football betting to the front. When it comes to important Events, you can use it as a User even have the Chance to odds key to 93 percent. If you look at other bookmakers, is part of the German bookmaker in order to really the top performers on the market. The limit of 90 percent can also be used in the live betting is held and speaks for the reputable Booker.

Example of live betting at Tipico
We draw from our sports betting experience, we can find a USP for Tipico: the European Handicap bets are a real insider tip. If you place a tip on this betting market, there are few competitors that can keep up with the rate key. The best offer of the German bookmaker offers almost always. Only in a few cases, the British Booker Ladbrokes can keep up with the good conditions. So who wants to place a bet on a team or athlete that begins with a fictitious lead of the Match, it should select for it, in any case, Tipico as a bookmaker.
The Tipico rates presented to us in our research in a very balanced way. All opportunities are evaluated by the bookmaker evenly and there are no favorites or outsiders can be identified. It is, therefore, no matter what strategy you play – the odds are always fair, and value. Also about the stability, you can’t complain. The rate changes only minimally in the flow of Events and can be tapped at any time with a clear conscience.
If you look at the odds the bookmaker, you are betting in Germany is still the sports tax. This tax, in the amount of 5% must be removed for all the tips and therefore affects directly the level of Quota. However, in the case of Tipico, there is a feature that is for you as a User is highly attractive: All of the tax levies for the tips that have been put online, will be completely borne by the bookmaker, whether the bet won or lost. You can obtain at Tipico at the same rate, of course, effectively more profit than the competition. So, you can assume that the gross profit is always equal to the net profit, making the already good Tipico odds get even more value.
Our example is intended to illustrate at this point how the sports betting tax can have an impact on your net profit. To this end, we compare a fictional example, in the case of Tipico, where there is no control by the User must be paid, with a tip at Interwetten under the same conditions. It is set to an amount of 100 Euro with a ratio of 1.5.
By the example, it is clear that you can achieve at Interwetten a lower profit because you must pay on the gross amount of betting tax. This is 5% in Germany. Depending on the bet and rate can arise in this way, shifts that cost you a lot of money. Often you can obtain at Tipico therefore, even at a lower rate and more profit. But attention: The sports betting tax you need to pay only when you submit your tip online. In the case of a placement in the Tipico betting office, a 5% tax is also for this bookmaker due!
In our guide you can see that the Tipico odds in their totality, are fair and transparent. Especially the odds of the football betting are certainly interesting, as here, the highest priority of the bookmaker is located. The ratio is key in this area is so high that he can certainly compete in the top-middle of the pack. He is always between 92 and 96 percent, and it depends heavily on the importance of the event.
Lift out, we want to bet at this point, the Handicap, whose quotations appear to be almost unbeatable. Up on the British competitors, Ladbrokes is hardly a bookmaker can compete with the enticing rate key in this betting market. The quota level at Centrebet is also overall very well-balanced and stable, and drops in addition, at any time, under the respectability line by 90%, which represents for the German bookmaker is a real Trust-feature.
Particularly attractive is the tax-free tips that are delivered via the Internet. Here, you save 5% on the gross profit and can be rich in some cases even more, than if you put the competition to a higher rate. Because the sports betting tax of 5% only in Germany, take advantage of this benefit only if you play from there. But otherwise, Tipico can compete as a German provider with the competition.


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