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With regard to the taxation of bets and winnings in sports betting, so there are a lot of ambiguities and half-bets-know the sports Fans. One thing is clear, there is a law that regulates the taxation. But how exactly does it work? How to hand the bookmakers have the implementation of the statutory requirements and what is required of the customer? In the following, we want to explain the sports betting tax and to us in the first place to deal with, as to the scheme to the mybet betting tax ordered. In addition, we provide the popular betting companies. For detailed information on the betting provider you can read in our report -> read here.
The bookmaker betvictor has opted for the approach that we have described under point 3. If you are bets so your bet with this bookmaker and place, you will be expected to direct the betting levy of five percent from the amount. A small example to illustrate:
You want to put a Deposit of 10 euros on a betting event that has a ratio of 2.4. So that you would get in case of winning an amount of € 24.00. At betvictor you can bet, however, with 9.50 Euro, if the bookmaker deducts the tax at a rate of 5 percent. This would represent a profit of 22,80 Euro – 1.20 Euro less so.
Once again, not to mention in this context that betvictor are pocketing the difference of 0.50 Euro, but the tax office gives off – so there is no advantage for the bookmaker in this approach.
The above-described deductions, the wagering tax can läppern all nice and white also betvictor. So has come up with the bookmaker for a special bonus promotion to the taxation of betting stakes to compensate, at least partially. Not every day, but one day in the week can place a bet, the customer 24 hours completely tax-free to your bets.

Every Friday from 00 am to 24 PM, the bet paid of the bookmakers tax from his own pocket and the Without If and But. No matter how high the wagers are, no matter what the betting markets are – who bets on a Friday, does this, with 100 percent of the amounts of money. For the customer there is nothing to do more – the 5 percent deduction disappears in the action period, just from their own betting slip.
The tax rules duties of the stakes, already exists since the year 1922. The name of the relevant law is “Betting and lotteries act (RennwLottG)” and this indirect tax is related not only to sports bets, but also on horse racing and lotteries of all kinds. The tax revenue to come to the States and take charge of the management of the funds.
Not the profits, but the stakes are subject to, according to lawmakers, the tax obligation. Profits that can be made in bets of all kinds, do not count to income, the § 2 Abs. 3 of the income tax act are defined. To include this income:
You would pay tax on the winnings, would have to be made according to the law, also the losses are tax-deductible. And thus, the state would not make good business, because losses are games for happiness, which now also sports betting, are overall much higher than the sum of the profits.
Of course, the state wanted the revenues from the sports betting, not to be missed and has devised, therefore, a change in the law. The profits from sports bets are non-taxable, but the stakes. The bookmaker so you must pay five percent of the total operations of their customers in the Form of a betting tax to the tax office. This in turn means that the betting operators, five per cent less revenue and you have to decide how to deal with the taxation.
Yes, all betting companies make their offers to customers from Germany, is subject to tax obligation with regard to the betting tax. It is irrelevant where the betting companies have their headquarters. Important is the availability of the services on the German market.
All in all, there are five of ways, such as a bookmaker operations to the statutory tax liability at the competition can react. For each of the below-described examples, there are betting companies that have decided:
Ideally it would be the bettor, if nothing changes and the bookmaker takes a bet expensive for you. The can afford but the least of all bookmakers, and such a procedure is, accordingly, rare. Some bookmakers decide to leave the customer the choice. So you can determine for yourself whether you want to pay the tax on the profits or on the inserts.

With the “tax Free day”-action is not satisfied betvictor and presents its own New and existing customers further fixed and changing bonus promotions available. Since the new customer bonus worth up to 200 Euro, for example. This 100 per cent Bonus for the first Deposit after the opening of the new customer’s account. Simply Deposit and the crediting of the free amount wait. Already, there are Extra bet credits above. After the fulfillment of the sales conditions can be also made a withdrawal of bonus money.
To offered further bonuses can include free bets, which are often, but not only, offered to special sports events with mybet. For the friendship of advertising there is at mybet a premium of up to 40 euros, and when you Place a multi bet there are a Freebet up. Special promotions there are also Tennis and betting on soccer and ice hockey Events. With us you can secure a free bet in the amount of 10€. For this you need the affiliate code “derby10”. Click on the image you will be forwarded directly to the action. We wish you much fun!

As a customer of betvictor you can not only let the Tax and versatile promotions benefit – there are other characteristics that distinguish the bookmaker. For example, there is a large and versatile selection of betting categories. Overall, you can find 16 competitions categories, where football is the Top sport species. The other Top categories are Tennis, volleyball, Basketball, and formula 1.

In the live betting sector can play betting customers and to find any time of the day and night time plenty of betting markets to choose from. Over the phone the entire betting portfolio is also available and with all the Live and bonus offers. Especially in football, but not only there, are offered by mybet high odds, which can keep up with the competition.
All of the bookmakers that are available in Germany resident and active in Germany, according to the legislator on all of the betting tax of 5 per cent stakes numbers. It remains the case that the betting companies to decide how they will deal with this scheme. betvictor has the betting tax any Time directly from the wagers use of the customer to deduct. Every Friday it is no longer a rule. Since the bookmaker organises namely, an action at the 24 hours of no tax on the bets is calculated. In this time, betvictor paid for this Koten out of his own pocket. This bookmaker is worth it not only because of this scheme, but also because of the many betting markets, the high odds and because of the creative and generous promotions for New and existing customers.


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