SüperLig betting on the Turkish League – tips & predictions

Football in Turkey is comparable to that of a Religion. The supporters of the big Clubs, Galatasary, Besiktas and Fenerbahce will face for decades, unforgiving. The games in the Turkish super League are Lig due to the local conditions, particularly. What to look for in the betting on the Turkish League? We have looked at the teams, Derby and the statistics for you in the guide in more detail. Furthermore, we have taken the offer for the Turkish games at the bookies under the microscope. At the same time, you will learn some Details about the odds and the best betting operators for the Süper Lig. Here is our current Süper find Lig betting tips, predictions, odds and predictions for the season 2017/2018.

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The first country-wide Turkish football championship was played in 1959. As the first master Fenerbahce Istanbul has gone down in the history books. In the following years the mode of super has been changed Lig on several occasions. The number of participants varied between 16 and 22 Teams.
Since 1994/95 there is in Turkey 18 teams that compete in the highest class for points and goals. The Süper Lig is comparable to the Bundesliga. In each of the season’s 34 game days are to be completed, the first legs in the fall and the return games in the spring.
The last three Teams of each year, must in the course of the 2. League to compete. A Verkopplungs-Relegation’s in Turkey. From the house of the first two teams to March directly in the Süper Lig. Between the Teams ranked three, four, five and six are games’again a separate playoff.
The Turkey is in the UEFA-Ranking, currently on the tenth place. This means that the master plays directly into the group stage of the Champions League. The runner-up get in advance in the third qualifying round. The third and the Fourth in the Turkish championship games in the Europa League. The same applies to the national Cup winner. A Team, which is to be found in the Süper Lig in the first four positions to win the Cup for the fifth table, enough space also to enter the international business.
To give you a small impression of the footballing conditions in Turkey, we have compiled the following the masters of the past ten years. You can use this statistics ideal for your betting tips in the long-term.

The statistics of the last years shows, as expected, the Superiority of the three big clubs from Istanbul. Besiktas, Galatasaray and Fenerbahce dominate the Turkish Süper Lig for decades. All three Teams are relegated from the top division. You belong to for over 60 years to the top on the Bosphorus. It is therefore little surprising that the Clubs also, the Ranking of the championship lead:
The first club outside of Istanbul, Superiority is Trabzonspor, who can always boast of six national Championships.
The record player in Turkey Oğuz Çetin is with a total of 503 matches for Fenerbahce Istanbul. While in other countries the players were usually several teams on the Ball, is written in Turkey, loyalty to the Club especially in the Top Clubs. A Transfer between the three Major within Istanbul is, for example, as a de facto excluded. The most goals in the Süper has Lig shot Hakan Şükür. The attacker has made for Galatasary in his career 249mal. Hakan Şükür is on a Torschnitt 0.51 stalls per lot.
Following we have compiled some important records from the Turkish upper house:
The teams in the Turkish upper house come from relatively few cities. In the past, for example, 17 teams from Istanbul have played in the Süper Lig. Very different from the audience-popularity. While the Top clubs in big stadiums, kicking some of the Clubs symbol yet in the past century. We have compiled in the following table, the current Turkish Clubs, including home city, and stages clearly. A corresponding view of the compilation is recommended before each bet, the character of the game to properly assess.
Vodafone Stadium / Basiktas Istanbul (©Orlok / Shutterstock.com)
Who wants to place his betting tips on the Turkish League in the long-term sector, with the most bets on Besiktas, Fenerbahce and Galatasary. The dominance of the three Clubs is as pungent and will not change probably in the future. Lucrative and exciting Head-to-Head bets between the Topclubs as well as the masters-tips, without the Teams from Istanbul.
As the Turkish football League is not part of the Topklassen in Europe, are the long-term offers of the bookmaker is usually somewhat limited. Tip-options to the next Trainer dismissal, etc., not for the Turkish football, for example.
Kick-tip: International betting on the Turkish Clubs are now to be treated with caution. The Club-football on the Bosphorus is no longer played on the highest level. While a few years ago, the teams winning candidates hot especially in the Europa League, the representations now even problems to qualify for the group phases in international business. In perspective, it’s all for Turkey in the UEFA Ranking even further down. In the Süper Lig international top stars to play, a lot more clubs to put on some Altinternationale that have passed its peak but mostly for a long time. Additionally, a number of Legionnaires from South America or the Balkans.
Who is placing his football bets on Turkish League, updated daily, can calculate the bookies with a very good and stable odds. The Majority of the betting provider works in the Süper Lig with a ratio key between 93.5 and 94.5 percent. In the depth of the betting options and the Turks are in the top tier of the leagues.
Betting markets with a specific game of the SüperLig at Bet3000
You can’t put days currently only for win, draw or defeat. Turkish football betting tips are in addition to goals/Sub-versions of Handicap, Double Chance, Yellow and Red cards, as well as many other markets. The Top providers provide the games with at least 80 to 100 applications. Just the big three Clubs of Istanbul are moreover particularly suitable for the a favorite strategy.
Who wants to play his bet on the Turkish League to be successful, should be with the teams and the Strengths of the Teams is familiar to you. The regional rivalries are more pronounced in Turkey. Next we will have you three small tips & Tricks put together with their Turkish football bets to be successful.
Betting on the Turkish football League, you can find at any reputable bookmaker. According to our experience, in particular, the betting provider for the Süper Lig is particularly strong, have also the German football to the top of the list. Many providers are in Turkey, even with a separate Amateur section for the minor leagues at the Start. Next we will have filtered you out three very good bookmaker for the Turkey.
The betting for the Turkish football bets consistently well-balanced and high rates.
Rivalo is aimed directly at the Turkish football Fans, with a corresponding version of the home language. Rivalo is a White Label of Tipico, which is betting with a sport license from Curacao. It should be noted at this point that the German customers are not allowed to register at Centrebet. So Rivalo is in particular for the Swiss and the Austrians are interesting. User from Germany, need to place their Turkish betting tips at Tipico. The quotations and the rates of the two platforms are identical.
XTiP has developed in Germany in the past months, a high share of the market. The sports betting offer of the CashPoint Malta Limited. XTiP is specially created for the German market and is aimed with the betting offer is very clear also to the Turkish betting friends. Who is who in Austria is domiciled, will have to play his tips, however, in the case of CashPoint.
You want to play your Turkish football bets, always with the highest and best betting odds? Then you don’t come at Bet3000. The German bookmaker is in Central Europe with the highest rate key. In terms of the Süper Lig, the provider comes down to a mathematical payout approach of nearly 95 percent. At the top of play is even higher to the top.

The betting tips on the Turkish games promise durable and attractive profits, unless the User is familiar with the realities of Turkish football. In particular, the above-average number of derbies, which are usually held at eye-level, are attractive but at the same time risky. Due to the Superiority of some clubs also have a favorites can be recommended strategy for the Süper Lig.

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