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Giropay is one of the most popular Online payment methods of the Germans. Customers especially appreciate the uncomplicated handling and the high safety standards when shopping on the Internet. For this reason, it is now in almost all of the major bookmakers, the sports betting Fans in this country want to win. But how Giropay works in Detail and what are the pros and cons of this method? How secure is the payment processing and will be charged the usage fees? Our betting experts give the following answers to these questions and explain to you what you should keep in mind if you are betting stakes for sports with Giropay, you want to pay.
Who wants to fill up his betting account at the bookmaker that has the agony of choice. Usually an impressive variety of payment options, especially for the sizes of the betting scene. Including service providers are often to be found, whose name you have never heard of. We do not have the with PayPal. Who makes more purchases on the Internet, the procedure will be encountered, probably ever. Maybe you have used it already without being aware of it. But even if not, you can also pay without prior knowledge, quite simply, inserts for sports betting with PayPal.
Giropay was established in 2016 as a Online payment method of the German banking industry. The Giropay GmbH, a well-known financial institutions such as Postbank, Sparkassen, as well as the people’s banks was to allow banks Raiffeisen founded with the goal of simple, fast and secure payments on the Internet.
To do this, you do not need to register as a user and not a virtual account, to pay, for example, bets on sports. The processing runs completely on the to your Bank account. Giropay fulfills only the function of an mediator between you as customer and the provider (e.g. a bookmaker).
The big advantage for Online retailers and service providers such as the betting providers is in receipt of an immediate payment guarantee by the Bank of the respective purchaser or user. Thus, the risk that the payment fails, is equal to zero. Currently, PayPal is about 35 million customers in more than 1,500 banks and savings banks in Germany. If you want to know if your Bank is one of them, you can use the “Bank check” on the Giropay website. In Austria, the procedure is offered by the way, under the name of eps.
If your Bank allows payments via PayPal, is the only other requirement is that your checking account is already activated for Online Banking via the PIN/TAN procedure. To make, for example, bets on sports, select on the side of the bookmaker, the payment method Giropay. After entering the Bank code (or BIC) will take you directly to the Online Banking of your Bank forwarded. Here you simply log in as usual with your access data. The Transfer is filled in with the recipient’s information and the amount selected. As usual, you can confirm this by entering a TAN. For amounts up to a height of 30 Euro no TAN entry is at most banks.
Who’s betting Giropay to Deposit at sports providers, uses, and benefits from a high degree of safety. This is mainly due to the fact that the payments are only mediated and hence is not a third party in the settlement process is involved. It is the high security standards of the banking system come to Bear – and this almost in a double sense. Because Giropay was established by the banking sector, and forwards them directly to your Online Banking.
In terms of data security, PayPal offers a decisive advantage: The only Information that the bets to Pay for sport providers must be given, is the Bank code (or BIC). After that, you will be forwarded directly to your personal Online Banking. Thus, the bookmaker or any other recipient of a payment has no access to security relevant data like account number, user ID or PIN/TAN numbers. In addition, warrants to the betting provider payment through your Bank in advance, so that a query of the account balance or credit check are not required.
For the use of PayPal to Pay for Goods or services on the Internet no fees. The participating banks or savings banks offer this Service free of charge. Companies and distributors that want to provide PayPal as a payment option wide, to pay a minimum of € 0.33 per transaction up to a maximum of 0.89% of sales revenue.
Details of how to Deposit at Netbet
It may well be that individual Online stores for payments via Giropay require additional charges. Reputable sports betting providers do not do this usually. Our recommendation at this point is to decide in case of doubt, against a bookmaker, the charges for PayPal Deposit fees.
A significant advantage of the method is that the money will be credited after the payment process at the bookmaker immediately to the betting account.
In addition, the Pay is extremely convenient and easy. In fact, only two entries have to be made: your Bank code (or BIC) for the forwarding to your personal Online Banking. There you log in and confirm the payment with a TAN and that’s about it. Since the wire is already pre-filled, no further details will be required.
The third crucial advantage is the already mentioned high safety and security standards of the banking system. Because the settlement runs exclusively via your Bank and PayPal provides the payment only, neither the bookmaker nor any other third party access to security-relevant data.
The only significant disadvantage of PayPal is that the process is no disbursement of credit from the betting operators will have to be made, as this is technically possible. There are numerous Alternatives available, however, so your winnings are of course not lost.
In addition, you waive, as a customer, as in the case of any other Transfer by entering a TAN on the right to revoke the payment.
Sports betting providers allow their customers to be able to on a very wide range of payment options to access. Our betting experts recommend PayPal as the best Alternative to PayPal, since it offers in comparison with some of the advantages.
PayPal is one of the largest Online payment services in the world, and also with German customers the most popular. When you create a virtual account, which is linked to your Bank account. In terms of payment speed and security, PayPal is similar to Giropay. In addition, no fees for money transactions here as well. A distinct advantage, however, is that with this method also, the payment of the betting funds is possible.
In addition, PayPal provides very strict conditions on companies that want to offer this payment method. In practice, it shows that PayPal is only find a absolutely reputable bookmakers with the highest security standards in the payment Portfolio. Such a betting provider, you can bring in a particular degree of confidence.
The fact that PayPal is widely spread in the world as strong, also speaks for the choice of this provider. So can be done in addition to bookmakers of course, also make payments at millions of Online stores worldwide. In addition, with the possibility to transfer money, free of charge to people who also have a PayPal account with a great additional feature.
Meanwhile, Giropay is one of many betting operators to the Standard. We advise you to make the decision for or against a bookmaker solely to the payment options. Customers in Germany should look for a reputable bookmaker on the Top level, rather, to the following quality features:
We therefore recommend you our betting provider Top 3 that meet all of the above points and, in addition, the following features are convincing:
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