Sports betting with instant Bank transfer | guide to deposits, Limits & fees

Fast, safe and almost always free of charge: The immediate transfer belongs in the sports betting area of the best and most popular methods of payment. Our experts will give you all the important information on deposits, withdrawals, Limits and potential costs of the transfer. In addition, we will tell you what are the Top betting offer-party, the immediate transfer as a payment option.
The Online payment system “instant Bank transfer” is operated by the emergency GmbH with headquarters in Munich and subsidiaries in Spain, Belgium and Poland. Since about ten years, the immediate transfer of many of the more established betting operators is used (especially in the German-speaking area) – and the trend is rising. But also in other sectors, the payment option is now the Standard for Online Shopping.
In principle, the immediate transfer of a classic Bank Transfer via Online Banking, you can make with the help of their PIN and a transaction number (TAN) is similar to. The platform Sofortü in this case, a middle instance between you and the bookmaker, so that you can perform Transfers from your Bank account to your betting account in real time. The reason: Sofortü shall be liable to the dealer in this case, the amount in question. Therefore, the bookmaker can provide you with the betting funds immediately available, even if the “real” money arrives only a day or two later with him.
Payment options at Centrebet
If you click on your betting provider in the area of the Deposit methods on the icon of the instant transfer, you must specify, in most cases, only the desired amount and are then automatically redirected to the platform of sofortü . There is, first login to Online Banking with your personal PIN (Personal identification number). In the connection you can check the amount and the recipient and the Transfer with a valid TAN finish. In most cases, this is done via the manual input of a TAN or with the electronic TAN-you have to use your Bank card in the designated unit. The transaction takes place between you and the payment service provider – in this case, sofortü –. You will now be automatically directed back to the betting providers and the paid-up betting funds will be available instantly.
As the Name already says: The transaction is executed immediately. We have seen in all the years and various betting operators, that is until a Deposit has lasted by to immediately transfer more than a few seconds. The transferred amount is available to you immediately and in real time as the betting funds available.
Here, too, we can speak from experience: make deposits via instant wire transfer service providers are in the overwhelming majority of the betting completely free of charge. Since it is a conventional transaction via Online Banking, in General, neither your Bank nor Sofortü as a service provider for a fee. However, the fees for the bookmakers for the use of the platform. A few of the betting provider in order to place these costs on to the customers. So it is definitely advisable to check the terms and conditions or the Details of the payment options carefully for possible fees before you use the instant transfer, in the case of a bookmaker for the first Time.
The Limits for deposits made via instant Bank transfer from bookmaker to bookmaker in very different ways. With most bookmakers, the Limit is in the high four-digit range, some providers waive, on a Limit with the Bank transfer immediately. Should note, of course, if you have agreed with your Bank’s specific transfer limits per day. The minimum amount to Deposit by immediate wire transfers is the most established bookmakers in the case of ten Euro.
Payment options at Bet3000
No. In contrast to other Instant payment methods, which serve as a kind of payment in advance, you can have your winnings in real time back to pay off. The immediate transfer is in this respect a one-way street. Since most of the betting companies are now following the principle of a “closed cash cycle”, after a Deposit by immediate wire transfer mostly use the traditional Bank transfer as a payment method. Depending on the bookmaker, it may take between one and five working days until you have your winnings in your Bank account.
Basically the first time that it is in the IMMEDIATELY GmbH is a absolutely reputable and trustworthy company. The great success of the payment platform Sofortü makes this clear. No cases are known in which the provider is also the only approach would be advised, due to its transactions or transactions in the criticism. The TÜV Saarland has awarded the payment platform, even the seal “Certified data privacy” and “Verified payment system”.
What is clear, however: If you immediately use Bank transfer as a Deposit method, make it an external service provider sensitive data such as PIN and TAN. And, of course, always the latent danger that it comes to hacking, or customer data to be accessed exists in the case of financial transactions on the Internet. This is no different when you pay online such as a credit card. Fraudsters should gain possession of the access data to your personal area in your house Bank may of course end badly.
We would like to emphasize at this point that the IMMEDIATELY GmbH is taking various measures to ensure the maximum safety for their customers. The service provider indicates on its that the PIN and TAN are exclusively stored in a secure input form and not the merchant (in this case, the bookmaker). Sofortü stores no sensitive data, and ensures that neither the employee nor the relevant dealer will ever have insight into the transaction forms.
As a disadvantage one can consider also the above-mentioned fact that in the instant Bank transfer no payments in real time are possible. Who wants to have his winnings as quickly as possible, has in this respect a better Alternative.
888sport: deposits by instant Bank transfer fees are at 888sport free and landing in real time on your account – so be it! As a payment method, the conventional Bank is used in this case, the transfer, in two to four days you will have your money in the account. 888sport also excels with outstanding rates, excellent betting offer and of course our exclusive new customer bonus of up to 200 Euro!
Bet3000: The German top bookmaker Bet3000 An all – deposits and withdrawals conducted free of charge – this is also true for the immediate transfer. If you Deposit with Bet3000 via instant Bank transfer, gets his winnings by Bank transfer in a few days paid off. Withdrawal requests are processed at Bet3000 exceptionally quickly and efficiently. The betting scores, moreover, with an attractive welcome bonus of up to 150 euros and tax-free live bets.
Betway: Also, more and more international betting providers fortunately, the immediate transfer as a payment method – including our test winner at Betway. As usual, you can pay quickly and free of charge to your betting account. Us the bookmaker has convinced in our great providers compared in addition, with its spectacular range of betting options, its first class customer service, excellent odds and a strong bonus of up to 150 euros. Betway is part of a value-based EU license from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) in addition to the safest and most reputable providers in the sports betting industry.
Bet-at-Home: The German betting provider Bet-at-Home has portfolio, the immediate transfer in the Payment and expressly points to the fact that deposits are in this way free of charge. The minimum amount to Deposit by immediate wire transfer is in Bet-at-Home ten euros. The tradition bookmaker is considered to be the best provider of hockey-betting markets and has over 10,000 individual bets in the program. New customers can enjoy up to 100 Euro as welcome bonus. If you have questions a very good customer service helps.
Intertops: Also in the Austrian top bookmaker Intertops, the rules for depositing via sofort banking are clear: The minimum Deposit amount is five euros, the upper Limit for a single Deposit of 5,000 Euro. Also at Intertops the services of Sofortü are completely free of charge. Intertops is offering new customers a great initial bonus of up to 200 Euro and also for existing customers with attractive promotions. With a strong betting offer and high odds themselves, Intertops has developed in recent years to become one of the leading bookmakers.
Betsson: The Scandinavian Platzhirsch Betsson has taken to immediately transfer for a number of years in the offer of his payment options. Fees will not be charged as a Deposit limit of 1,000 euros will be given. If you want to use the sofort banking at Betsson, you must Deposit at least ten euros on the betting account. Spectacular live streams, make a excellent customer support in German language and a very fair bonus of up to € 100, Betsson is a first-class choice as a bookmaker you can trust.
Tipico: With Tipico also one of the leading betting providers in the German-speaking countries has, of course, the instant transfer in the offer. As the minimum payment amount also Tipico is ten euros, and the maximum Deposit amount is quite low 500 Euro. Since a higher Limit would be desirable. Positive is the fact that Tipico for the use of the instant Bank transfer does not charge any fees of course. Speaking of fees: Tipico continues to charge no tax, this is surely one of the major plus points of the bookmaker. The welcome bonus for newcomers is Tipico for years constant at 100 Euro. The German up-and-comer familiar with also the IMMEDIATELY GmbH as a financial services provider charged its customers for deposits by instant Bank transfer no fees. As the minimum Deposit amount has determined in this case is 20 euros, the upper Limit is 5.000 Euro. advertises for some months with the former football commentator Marcel Reif as a Testimonial and attracts new customers with a welcome bonus of up to a total of 120 Euro. The modern Website, the convinced attractive range of betting options and competent customer service in our Test.

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