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If you are betting not a complete novice in the field of sports, have you heard of the so-called Handicap betting. Traditionally, they are among the most popular betting markets offered by most bookmakers for a variety of sports. But what exactly is a Handicap in this context means and how to Handicap the functioning of bets? How can you use this special Format to your advantage and which bookmaker is best for this? In the following post we will provide you with answers to these questions and explain the betting market on one easy-to-understand example.
A Handicap is a distinction in sports is a means to Compensate for performance. Other than perhaps assumed, can not be created only an artificial disadvantage, but as well is also an advantage.
First, it is important to get a basic understanding of the Handicap bet. Therefore, we want to explain to you the principle on the basis of the simplest and most common Form. This one comes in a classic 3-way bets, as they are especially in football widely used for the application. Generally speaking, the following 3 options to choose from:
With Handicap bets you will tap, but not on the actual game result. Instead, they are evidence of a Team (or player) with an artificial or disadvantage in the Form of goals (or points, in the case of other sports). Crucial for the winning of a Handicap bet is the official result of the meeting, with the involvement of the previously established Handicaps. For example, you can specify for one team in football with a Handicap of +1. This means that this already goes with a fictitious goal advantage in the game. Tap on the victory of this team and the game ends 0:0, so you have won the bet anyway.
Handicap betting at Tipico
Conversely, a Handicap of -1 is possible. The Team has therefore already before the starting whistle of an artificial residue of a gate. If you tap a victory, you must win with the Handicap ranked team at least with two goal margin, you win the bet.
Now that you have understood the basic principle of the Handicap bet, of course, the question of what sense it makes to place the tips on this betting market. In fact, the right is easy to explain. Especially when betting on favorites, you can benefit from significantly higher rates. A game of two very different opponents is, for example, at a football match, you will receive a tip on the favourite only a relatively weak odds. With a Handicap bet, you can increase the rate considerably, by giving the favourites an artificial gate residue (Handicap -1). Is the difference in performance is particularly striking, it is recommended that this residue is still higher (Handicap -2 or even a Handicap of -3). In this case, the Handicap, the higher the odds The higher.
Conversely, this principle also works for betting on the underdog. They provide the much weaker opponents with a corresponding one of the gate-edge (Handicap +1). Here, you can also increase the projection, depending on the assessment of the relations of forces (Handicap +2 or higher). Thus, they adjust the odds in the ideal case, to a level that is both lucrative and low risk.
In addition to tips on home win or away win, you can bet with Handicap is also on a draw (X) bet. In this case, you do not tap in a draw, however on the actual game output, but also here the relevant Handicap will be settled with the official result of the game. The following example will illustrate this variation: tap the home game of Bayern Leverkusen against VfL Wolfsburg. In doing so, you place a bet on a draw, where you count the outsiders Wolfsburg a lead of a goal. In the betting slip tip: X (VfL Wolfsburg +1) would be displayed as follows:.
You win this bet if the match ends with a goal for Leverkusen, and thus the actual match result adjusted for the Handicap is compensated for. It doesn’t matter whether or not Wolfsburg 1:0, 2:1, 3:2 or also 4 wins:3. The decisive factor is the goal difference is all. Handicap betting on a draw make it possible to achieve relatively high rates for a relatively small risk.
A special form is betting on the so-called Asian Handicap (often AHC abbreviated), and their popularity in this country now awake and that’s why, increasingly, of European bookies offered. Asian Handicaps are a little more complex and therefore more something for the advanced betting Fans.
The biggest special feature of this variant is that no draw is possible. Thus, we no longer have to do it here with a Three-way bet, but only with a Two-way bet. This fact has for the players is positive. A tie, results from the difference between the Handicap and the actual game output, so the stake will be refunded.
A further essential feature of the AHC‘s is that here, in General, with half Handicaps. This may be confusing in the beginning, but with the lack of result, variation of the draw. An Asian Handicap of -1.5 required so logically a win with a two-goal lead. Thus, an AHC of -1.5 is equivalent to a normal (European) Handicap bet of -1.
Handicap Bet
In the Following, the tip variant, the Handicap bet at a concrete example from the 1. Soccer-Bundesliga once again will be explained. We access the betting offer of our test winner at Betway. For the match Borussia Dortmund against RB Leipzig in the first round of the 2018/19 season, the following rates were estimated:
This rate distribution is clearly evident that the bookmaker considers the BVB as a clear favorite. We assume for our example that you share this view, and even assume, that a victory of Borussia, with a two-goal lead is very likely. Therefore, choose for your tip on the Champions with a Handicap of -1. In the Betway bet slip for you, this will be displayed as follows:
Through the fictional residue of a gate, the ratio is significantly increased (from 1.72 to 2.70) and the. Assuming a wager of 50.00 Euro you would with the simple win bet, a gross profit (before the deduction of betting tax) of 86,36 Euro. You place a Handicap bet, with 135,00 Euro significantly higher.
A prerequisite for a successful bet is that Borussia Dortmund will win the game with a two-goal lead. It does not matter whether the final score 2:0, 3:1 or 4:2. In this example, it is apparent that the Handicap betting with adequate preparation, represent a very suitable strategy in order to achieve higher long-term profits with sports betting.
If you prefer Handicap betting and so successfully for the long term wants to be, you should choose a bookmaker that holds a particularly rich deal. This way, you can ensure that even for the less popular encounters Handicap options that are available and also benefit, on average, more attractive rates. Our betting experts recommend the following provider:
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