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Whether a new customer bonus or Cashback promotion: betting In many sports providers bets belong to the Standard. Particularly, the bookmaker with roots in the UK rely on the Free Bets as a Marketing tool. But sports betting with free bets really make sense? What are the advantages and what are the Details you should pay attention to? Our experts will answer these questions and also point to a misconception, especially betting friends from German-speaking countries in terms of free bets are often subject to.
“The history of the free bet is a story full of misunderstandings” one might say to paraphrase a legendary commercial from the 1990s advertising-years ago. To date, there are about the free bets, namely, a certain expectation, which is wrong and which leads to irritation. We want to make this point, therefore, is equal to the beginning of our statement.
German betting friends encounter free bets Offered still with a degree of scepticism. This is primarily due to the fact that the bonus conditions are often not transparent enough. Anger and disappointment arise, especially if the betting providers suggest in their advertising that the use of the free bet can be cashed out. This is not the case. Please be aware that you can always keep only the profit from a free bet.

Fig. The Joker’s bet at Bwin

An example of this is the famous betting company bwin, which advertises up to date with a “100 Euro Joker bet” as a bonus for new customers. In the TV commercials and on the of the bookmaker gives the impression, as if the newcomers could post this 100 Euro at the end in some Form of profit. In practice, however, that the use of the free bet always remains the property of the betting provider.
So let’s say you lose your first bet at bwin, in the amount of 100 Euro and get the use in the Form of the Joker’s bet is refunded. You have now again 100 euros to your betting account, but are non-withdrawable. If you want to go, not a too big of a risk and a bet on the moderate rate of 1.20 to submit, then the invoice looks like the following:
Only 20 Euro to remain as the withdrawable balance. Should now be made to the five per cent betting tax claim, in fact there are only 19 Euro. bwin formulated this Trick in its terms and conditions fairly hidden and relatively complicated: “Is evaluated as a FreeBet as “won”, you will be credited with the free bets-gains, which correspond to multiplying the value of the FreeBet on the bet slip indicated rate minus the value of the FreeBet.” The last six words are in this case crucial. This means in clear text that the use of the free bet will be deducted at the end.
Almost every reputable bookmaker has a variety of bonuses for new customers. And almost always it involves the two most common models: the classic Deposit bonus or a free credit in the Form of free bets.
In the Deposit bonus, the bookmaker rewards their first Deposit in a certain amount of bonus on top of it. In most cases, it is a 100% Deposit bonus, this means that the bookmaker doubles your first Deposit. If you Deposit 100 Euro, you can get started with 200 euros of betting credits. Of course, the bonus money is not immediately payable, but upon certain conditions. The bonus amount must be played through (on average four to eight Times) and “qualifying bets” the betting providers a minimum rate. Fair sales conditions, these should be never higher than 1.8 or 1.9. It is only when these so-called Rollover specifications are met, you can proceed to the cashier and make a withdrawal.

Best Deposit bonus on the market from 888sport

In the case of providers such as William Hill, new customers as a welcome gift receive a free bet worth up to 100 euros. It is important to note that many of the bookmakers, first of all, a first bet with the equity capital will be required, before the free granted bet. This first bet can be a minimum rate. If you use the free bet then, think of the above-stated principle: you will always receive only the net profit from the free bet. So it makes sense to use the free bet with a relatively high rate.
Ultimately, every betting friend must decide for yourself which model suits better to him and to his betting strategies. In the editorial the opinion, however, is clear: As a welcome bonus, we would have a classic Deposit bonus with a fair (!) Wagering betting there’s always a free offer prefer. We believe that you can play with it in the long term, more lucrative sums of money.
It is positive in terms of free bets, of course, that the free of this bonus to play form relatively quickly. In the case of the most of free bets Offered, it is sufficient, if you use the Free Bet a single Time. Generally, the bookmakers set free bets no minimum quotas.
Also, the various Cashback promotions, the creators in the book, becoming more and more popular, the offer for the existing customers, in General, only advantages. Here, it returns the stake in case of a lost bet as a free bet – provided that a specific event is received. A good example is the so-called “0:0 insurance”, which have multiple betting providers in the program. Should you lose a bet on a particular football game, and the game ends at the same time with a goalless draw, then you get back your bet in a certain amount as a free bet.

Bet3000 is offering new customers a Cashback action

With a Cashback, the corresponding linked free bet mostly on any sales terms and conditions, except that the Free Bet within a certain period of time (usually 7 to 30 days) redeemed. Of course, the principle applies here, however: the use of The free bet will be deducted from the gross profit.
The disadvantages have been described above already several times: The risk is relatively high that you could end up without a bonus win, or only with a low, free the played amount. Especially in the context of a welcome bonus many free bet offers require that you lose the first bet – and this is from the customer’s point of view, not the sense of the thing.
Finally, our editorial staff provides you with the best bookmakers with free bets Offers. The Promotions are valid either for New or for existing customers. The bookmaker with roots in the Westphalian metropolis of Dortmund is not very long on the market, but is already one of the best bonus offers. For new customers, there is the choice between two extremely attractive Deposit bonuses. And existing customers can participate in a great loyalty program. With every bet you bonus points that can later be used in free bets redeemed.

Betway: Our test winner has permanently betting a couple of terrific free and Cashback offers in the program. For example, a 10 Euro will get you every weekend automatically free bet if you wager at least 10 euros on a pre-selected Bundesliga game. Cashback promotions with free bets tournaments are also a regular on the NBA, NFL, NHL, as well as selected Tennis.

Betsson, The Swedish Top-of-the bookmaker has as a welcome bonus is a perfect combination of Deposit bonus and free bets in the Portfolio. The bookmaker doubles your first Deposit up to a height of 100 Euro – top 5 free bets on top. Each free bet has a value of 3 euros, and will be credited to you automatically every Friday. The free bets must then always be redeemed at the respective weekend.

Netbet: The British bookmaker is offering new customers a free bet worth up to 100 euros. This must be placed after the registration of only a first bet, the minimum bet is 10 Euro. In addition, Netbet for this qualification set by the end of the bet, a minimum ratio of 1.20. The free bet is then valid for 30 days and can be set to all kinds of sports. However, a minimum rate of 1.50 applies here.

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