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Contrary to the majority of bookmakers Centrebet has its headquarters on the Caribbean sea, Curaçao. The bookmaker is only since 2013 on the sports betting market active, but in a good way, to establish in the long term. And this is not by chance: Rivalo is entered as a White Label of Tipico on the market, that’s why here are numerous core competencies. The Estimated of this Company was to be able to the markets outside the EU, especially Switzerland and Turkey, to optimally operate.
This has the disadvantage for Users from Germany and Austria, however, already: This is not allowed in a registry, which is why the following article is aimed particularly at interested parties from Switzerland. Such a of the betting provider in connection with a corresponding first Deposit with a lucrative welcome bonus of up to 100 Euro or 150 CHF. For customers from Germany, we recommend a look at the sister-to-be, Tipico. Tipico offers a similar welcome bonus. If you want to learn more about the bookmaker Rivalo, we recommend our Rivalo experience report.
Rivalo wishes to consolidate its Position in the market and expand, which is why new customers with an interesting 100% welcome bonus and be rewarded recruited. As with the other bookies the extra credit here, too, certain requirements are made. In the Following, we explain in more detail the provider, Bonus terms and conditions:
We will show you step by step how to use the new customer bonus from Rivalo can get hold of. To help you get started, we describe each Step very transparent and detailed.
Rivalo granted to new customers a Deposit bonus of up to 100 EUR/150 CHF. This Bonus is, however, subject to the fulfilment of specified conditions, we will explain then in detail.
The provider Bonus from Rivalo allows additional betting bonus up to 100 EUR/150 CHF. The amount of the first Deposit is doubled. This must be at least 10 EUR/15 CHF, for a total amount incl. Bonus of 20 Euro/30 CHF. The maximum Deposit is in the amount of 100 EUR/ 150 CHF. This results in a total balance of € 200 or CHF 300 would result. The User receives his Deposit so always a Bonus of 100%. The higher the starting amount, the higher the amount of donated funds. Additional provider terms and conditions that must be met for the receipt of the welcome bonus:
Sales conditions:
The total amount, so the sum of the Deposit and bonus amount must be wagered 3x. That is, you only get the Bonus if 3x were to bet the Deposit + Bonus. You pay for example 50 euros, you get a Bonus of 50 euros. The resulting bet balance is 100 Euro. This now needs to be 3x to be implemented, which corresponds to a total of 300 Euro.
Minimum ratio:
The minimum rate for the bonus bet is for the Swiss 1.8. Users residing in Norway, Finland, Luxembourg or Montenegro can use the extra credit only with odds of at least 2.0 gain Underlying rates are not taken into account for the bonus fulfillment.
Excluded Markets:
Among the wagering requirements for the Bonus all allowed betting markets. These are both for single and combination bets are valid.
Free Period Game:
Concise periods of time to unlock the Bonus are deleted at Rivalo completely. In contrast to other betting providers, customers can enjoy the convenience of an unlimited period of time, the conditions for the receipt of the new customer bonus.
Countries restrictions and payment methods:
Since Rivalo wants to operate in cooperation with Tipico the market outside of the EU, is specialized in the provider, especially to customers from Switzerland. In addition to these, the countries of Norway, Finland, Luxembourg and Montenegro are entitled to the receipt of the welcome bonus. In the countries of Luxembourg, Norway and Finland, the Bonus is for all sorts of Deposit methods valid. Customers from Switzerland may use the following payment methods: Mastercard, Visa, Skrill, Paysafecard, Neteller, ecoPayz, Bitcoin.
Users with residence in Montenegro have the opportunity to pay via Mastercard, Visa, Skrill, Paysafecard, Neteller, ecoPayz, or Bitcoin.
Finally, we would like to paint you again, the Rollover conditions by the Rivalo Bonus on the basis of the minimum and the ideal amount of prize money:
Rivalo offers a first-class user experience in the best Tipico style. The well-known Interface, offers strong odds and a broad offer for football betting. Primarily for customers in Switzerland should check out the bookmaker once more, as this is seen as a core target group. For new customers, Centrebet has a lucrative welcome bonus. This doubles the first Deposit, which must be at least a height of 10 EUR/15 CHF. You can transfer, however, is equal to the maximum Deposit amount of 100 Euro or 150 CHF, you can get up to 100 EUR/150 CHF for free.
The conditions for receiving this Bonus are also very human and quite achievable: The Deposit amount + Bonus must be wagered 3x, where the overall rate for the Swiss, at least 1.8, must be for customers from all other eligible countries, a minimum of 2.0. We can recommend Rivalo fully regret, however, the strong limitation of the allowed countries.

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