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The new bookmaker quickly betting is one of the first providers to pursue a revolutionary concept: sports betting without registration! Yes, you heard correctly: In the case of fast bets, you can submit your tips, without the need to open a betting account. Your winnings directly to your Bank account. This is made possible by the cooperation with the renowned e-payment company Trustly. The Bonus for new customers has in quickly the unusual height of 97 Euro bets. We have looked at the welcome bonus for you and give you all the important information about the sales conditions.
Not only is the concept of quickly betting is innovative, also the new customer bonus, Marketing-strategists of the bookmaker to come up with something. And we have to admit: The bizarre sum of € 97 generates in any case a certain amount of attention. Whether other unusual Details around the bonus offer of fast bets and what you need to do to clear the Bonus – we will tell you in the following article.

The welcome bonus of quickly betting to cash in you must open a betting account – this is the new bookmaker is also not possible. However, you need the services of the payment provider Trustly, in this way, you can then make your first Deposit at fast bets. The Swedish ePay provider Trustly has partnered with more than 3,000 banks, including the German savings banks and cooperative banks and the Postbank, which Deutsche Bank or the INGDiBa. If you want to access the betting line-up of fast bets, is the use of Trustly is also urgently necessary, because this is the only payment option at the bookmaker!
The minimum amount for your first Deposit is ten euros. After that, you have seven days to claim the Bonus. For this you need to activate the fast bets bonus code “97SPORT” in the area of “promotions”. After that, you will be credited 100% Deposit bonus automatically. This means that you can quickly bet will double your first Deposit up to a maximum amount of € 97. It is not so necessary, as is the case with some of the other betting providers – you need to request your Bonus by sending a message to customer support.

The maximum welcome bonus deduction tyres, you need to Deposit at least € 97. Why the creators of the new Bookies have chosen this crooked sum, has not opened up to us really. The Deposit is made in this amount, for a total of 194 euros as the betting funds available (€97 Deposit + 97 Euro Bonus). The maximum Bonus, you must place a total of 1.552 Euro as a sports betting but this in the next section in more Detail.
Whether a welcome bonus is really a customer-friendly or not – the bonus terms and conditions, which are set by the betting provider to decide. Some black sheep among the bookmaker, the revenue conditions are so complicated that a free play Bonus is a Herculean task. This is the new bookmakers quickly the case, don’t bet on luck! Overall, the Rollover requirements are very transparent and easy to understand. And also the implementation is absolutely feasible.
To be able to request a payout, you the sum of your first Deposit amount and the Bonus received for a total of 8-implement the changes with sports betting. Only bets that have a ratio of at least 1.6 shall apply. If we assume at this point the maximum bonus amount, so 1.552 Euro (97 Euro Deposit + 97 Euro Bonus = 194 x 8) with the stated minimum rate. In order to meet the Rollover requirements, cleans up quickly, a total of 30 days in a betting you time.
The minimum stake per bet is 20 cents. Bets on Over/Under as well as multiple bets (No Action), betting on the correct result of the match, cancelled bets, betting, or betting with a ratio of 1.0 repeated will not be considered in fulfilling the Rollover requirements. If you have not met the turnover requirements within 30 days, then the original bonus amount will be debited automatically from your account.
As in the case of bonus bets offered in the sports sector, also points to quickly bet that the bonus can only be used once per Person, family, household, address, E-Mail address, credit card number, IP address, and used. Therefore, be careful at the time of activation on a Computer that is also used by other people – for example, in the University, school, library, Internet Café or in the office. This welcome bonus of quickly betting is also not for the Casino offer the bookmaker to be valid – here, there is a separate offer.
If you the revolutionary concept of fast bets (sports bets without registration!) want to try out, you should not miss out on the bonus, of course. With the following instructions, you can activate the 100% Deposit bonus step-by-step.

Have you ever been irritated that a withdrawal has taken your bookmaker for too long? The internal processing time in the case of some betting providers is several days, sometimes the betting profits end up only after about a week on the Bank account. All of these problems triggers the new concept of fast bets: Due to the waiver of a classic betting account and cooperation with Trustly, it is now possible gains in just a few seconds to capture on your own Bank account!
The seriousness of Trustly as a financial services provider there is by the way no doubt. The ePay System has proven itself in almost 30 European countries and from the world of Online shopping almost inconceivable without. Your data and all transactions are secure, proves the seal of approval from the TÜV Saarland.

Sports betting in quick bets

In our Test, we quickly bets with stable rates, first class customer support in German language, a modern Design, high Usability and an extensive betting offer.
Our sports betting expert stumbled upon the “crooked” the bonus sum of € 97, we stopped for more Surprises in the small print, first of all, for not excluded. Therefore, the transparent and fair framework for the fast bets Bonus have us positively surprised. With the maximum bonus amount of said 97 euros, the bookmaker is in the average of the well-established and reputable bookmakers. Also the minimum payment amount from ten Euro is part of the normal Standard in the industry.
The Highlight of the fast betting Bonus for new customers, the relatively low minimum rate for the Rollover requirements, but it is undoubtedly. In contrast to other bookmakers, in this respect, like a ratio of around 2.0 start quickly, the absolute feasible minimum bets set ratio of 1.6. This should make it also for beginners possible, the welcome bonus.
The only fly in the ointment is the fact that for the Rollover of the Deposit amount and the bonus amount 8-times need to be implemented. Other bookmakers are a little more accommodating and simply a bonus sum. The bottom line is that we find the new customer bonus fast more than fair and absolutely customer bets are still friendly.

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