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Who wants to bet on the horse sports, today, visit, neither on the track nor a local betting office. You can also submit your tips online, from the home Computer as well as via a Smartphone or Tablet. Almost all the large bookmakers offer a huge selection of horse betting, some have specialized completely in this discipline. But which Online betting provider has the best overall package? What are the special features play in determining the betting odds for horse races, and where there is the best Live-Streams? In this detailed post, our experts will inform you about all the Essential on the topic of horse betting in the Internet, and give you valuable tips for a successful strategy.

If you expect that horse betting to get rich quick, we have to disappoint you, unfortunately. The probability that this happens is very low. There are professional players who are able to live from sports betting comfortably all the way there, however, is a very. First and foremost, you should see betting as a leisure activity, in which the fun is in the foreground. Nevertheless, it is possible to achieve also by the way, long-term gains.
The most Important thing is that you deal with the horse sport in detail and the specifics of each discipline to really understand. You don’t bet blindly, but prepare yourself extensively. Choose a bookmaker that can provide you with detailed statistics and the best rates offered. Keep track of the developments in the industry and they take into account the current Form of the horse and Jockey for your tips. There is still no master fell from the sky, but if you do it right, you can with Online horse betting can actually be permanently successful.
At the beginning, the choice of a bookmaker, to meet your needs and also with a good performance in the field of equestrian sports can convince. It is advisable to trust a specialist for this discipline. A really good wine you buy, after all, not in the supermarket, but at the dealer. Such specialized providers have dedicated their focus completely to the four-legged Sport and are appreciated by professionals for their additional offers. Which betting provider, our experts for horse betting in the front of the see, read the Following:
Whether your heart for a gallop – trot or obstacle race fails to RaceBets is currently. Betting offer and odds have very confident in our Tests completely. Of the famous racing series of significant international tournaments to niche and exotics-is competitions here, everything is offered what the heart of the equestrian sport, the sought-after Fans. At RaceBets, you can watch almost all the races in the free stream. If you need help or have any questions, you can contact us daily between 10:00 and 18:30 the customer service. Whether online, via Live Chat or by phone (toll free Hotline): The staff can help knowledgeable and friendly. Reliability is a top priority at RaceBets as well as customer-friendliness. The EU-luck bears game license concern. This is only awarded to Online betting providers that ensure the highest standards of safety and transparency. Another plus point is that payments can be made via PayPal (and other methods). Log on now and secure a new customer bonus of up to 100 euros in our test winner for horse betting!

Current new customer Bonus from Racebets in all of the areas of similar points, such as Racebets and evidenced in the Test, therefore, only a very close second. Offered exclusively bet on the horses and this impressive diversity. Here, too, the rates are consistently at the Top level. The benefits of customer support (Live Chat and toll-free Hotline) are similar to those of the equity interest in nothing, and even with slightly longer working hours (9:00 to 20:00). Also, this provider operates under a EU license and can therefore be classified as very secure. Minimal compromises (less statistics, Live Streams, tied to stakes, no PayPal) to make up the difference to the winner of the test. is still, a very good choice for tips on the four-legged friends, and is particularly recommended to set up a second account. Your registration of the bookmaker rewarded with a very attractive Deposit bonus of 100 euros.

Very good Mobile view at
Who in addition to horse racing other sports would like to tap, and in both areas on a first-class Portfolio, at William Hill. Traditionally, horse bets are rooted in the British culture. According to strong, this discipline is represented creators in the book. William Hill stands out in particular and offers an amazing range of tips on the four-legged friends, including Live Streams. Very pleasing: customers from Germany can apply to a German-speaking Support, which is almost universally (9:00 am to 1:00 p.m.), via Live Chat or cost-free Hotline. Currently you can also win new customers free bets of up to € 100!
Who’s betting Horse online would like to place, an amazing number of different types of Competition. In the Following you find an explanation of the most important disciplines. Before you start betting, you should understand fundamentally.
The classic horse race is as simple as it is fascinating. “Gallop” is the fastest gait of the horse, it is so in the case of this Variant solely on speed. The horse must obtain its maximum strength, and the Jockey the perfect Timing. Obstacles come at the gallop race is almost never used, which is why one speaks often of “Flat race”. Who starts the betting on horse racing, is well advised to try his luck first with gallop races.

Trotting is mainly characterized by the fact that the slower pace of “trot” is mandatory (and must generally be observed over several rounds). The Jockey can’t guarantee this, and the horse goes into a gallop, threatens disqualification. A second important component is the Skip of obstacles. It depends mainly on the speed and technical Finesse, a perfect Interaction of horse and Jockey in harness racing, therefore, immensely important.
So-called Sulkyrennen represent a special form of harness racing. The Jockey sits in a Carriage (Sulky), which is drawn from the horse during the race. Also here, the gait, the trot must be maintained during the entire race.

Obstacle Race (Mick Atkins /

Derived from the trot and gallop races there are a wide range of exciting and special forms, such as obstacle races, Cross-Country, or Pass – Amble and compensate race. The various Online providers for these variants horse betting in the program. Due to the greater complexity of the competitions we recommend that you initially limit tips for gallop and trotting races.
As with many other sport when you tap four-legged friends very own betting formats. In the Following you will find a list of the main options, including their advantages and disadvantages.
The classic win bet is the simplest of all betting options and, of course, reflected in the horse sport. Here, you determine the winner of a race or competition. Agreed with your prediction, the bet multiplied by the odds, your account will be credited. You are wrong, is lost.
In the case of a so-called place bet, instead of the winner of a race on a particular horse, which must come among the first Three to the finish, so the bet is won. In this case, the risk is relatively low. Place betting is, therefore, especially for beginners, is a good choice.
The space-twin is an extension of the place bet. It is typed on two horses, both of which must reach one of the first three places. Logically, this increases the ratio, as well as the risk of losing the bet.
Under the Ita, and Trita is a tip on the Second and third place finishers of a race or competition. The exact placement must be predicted. Your Trita-tip is running in the target on it and Ita on three, you lose the bet.
Also in the equestrian sport, there is Handicap betting. However, these are defined in tips on the four-legged friend is completely different than it is, for example, in the Basketball of the case. Handicap here means that certain horses are limited in their capacity, for example, by additional Weights, or the fact that you have to start from the second row. Handicap betting found mostly in horses that have gotten in the preseason, especially a lot of victories and therefore as favorites.
Finish is betting a particularly challenging betting Option, which will be played mainly by professionals. It relies on the winner of the last three runs of race day. Here high rates to lure particularly because of the Chance three times in a row, the winning horse to predict, is relatively low. If Finish-betting should be used, therefore, only small amounts of money.
In the case of the so-called Outright bet you bet on the final result of a complete series. Much like in football, where long-term bets on the championship can be placed, are the quotations for outsiders is extremely high.

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Combination bets are a very interesting possibility, in sports betting, lucrative rates and thus achieve high profits. Multi betting Fans will have the horse sports also have the opportunity to play a special Format that offers at the same time a certain amount of protection against losses.
Horse betting Fans to play with great fondness two bets. You have to tap the winner and the second placed, wherein the order of the two horses (the same as in the case of the Ita, and Trita) is crucial. Three bets (tip to the first Three)and four bets (tip represents the first Four) logical extensions of this principle. The more tips the odds (and the risk) are combined, the higher.
The so-called Win-Place-Show bet is a very exciting variant of the multi bet. The appeal lies in the Chance to very high profits while hedging against the total loss of the bet. This gives the following three tips on a single horse.
If the horse comes actually as the winner, you win the bet, all three single and can look forward to a nice amount. The second place is reached, you will still win two out of three bets. Even in the case of a third place you can cash in after winning the Show bet.
In the horse sports a special form of rate determination in comparison to other sports disciplines. The so-called tote-odds are determined only in part by the respective bookmaker. This provides first of all a rates perspective in view, in the further course of behaviour, the quotations are but the Tip and stakes of the actors involved influenced. The example of the classic win bet the ratio is calculated for each horse as the Quotient of the sum of all bets (net of fees, for example. Taxes) and the sum of the bets on each horse. Thus, the quotations are subject to up to shortly before the start of a race, sometimes quite significant fluctuations.
With some experience, you can take advantage of such rates dynamics sent. The mass of the Tipper is focused, for example on a favorite, the Rest of the field is often very lucrative quotations. With a tip on a less favorite horse can jump like that might be a nice profit.
Online providers such as RaceBets work exclusively in accordance with the tote principle. Through the of your horse and Place bets in such a book-maker, you are making a useful contribution to the welfare of the horse sports. A small percentage of each tote bet is the breeders and the racing companies.
As the absolute flagship of the German horse sports of Baden-Baden. Here you can look back on a Tradition that extends now 160 years back.On the Racecourse in Iffezheim, the following three Events of national and international guests and betting on the draw every year, especially the Fans:
Berlin has to offer with Marie’s village, and Karl the host (only trotting) and Hoppegarten (Racecourse), three important Racecourses. The capital is also international equestrian center can look back on a long history. To race the important horse, to the online bet on include:
In addition, Dortmund is especially true as one of the most important venues for horse sport in Germany. On one of the largest gallop racecourses in the country to be managed in addition, considerable differences in height, which has its own special charm. One of the popular Events in the German St. Leger here.
Not everyone has the ability to track horse race regularly on the track. Alone the temporal and financial effort is huge. Unfortunately, the offer is in the German TV more than poor. Apart from a few Events, such as Olympic show-jumping or dressage the equestrian sport hardly any airtime.
Luckily, several Online bookmakers offer a wide range of Live Streams that you may use is usually free of charge. At RaceBets and William Hill, is possible, once you have registered and betting have created account. A Deposit or active bets are not required.

Live streams are also available at

Also offers to its customers a variety of Live Streaming options, but in terms of your betting behavior. A minimum of 10 Euro you need to have, within the last 14 days on bets placed, so that the live streams will be unlocked for you. In view of the fact that the bookmakers for such an additional offering costs incurred, we will hold this amount you still fair.
Many reasons, to restrict themselves to a single bookmaker, if you want to in the long term betting on horse racing successfully. We have listed them as follows:
The betting provider to determine your program’s discretion. Individual race series and Events, on the the a provider attaches value, not to create it in another Portfolio, and Vice versa. In order for you the maximum selection of horse betting is available, you should have multiple account at the same time.
A further essential advantage lies in the better comparison of betting odds. Anyone who is not logged in only with a provider that can respond quickly to rates and his bets make sense to split up. Just at higher stakes minimal deviations are worthwhile, even with the quotations. In addition, so-called outlier-rates, which deviate significantly cut from the Market from time to time.
From time to time it happens that a betting provider to restrict your users in the amount of the possible operations for a certain period of time. You have earned over a long period of significant gains, you can put in the result, for example, only 25 Euro per bet. Even if this is very annoying, to the bookies this right according to the terms and conditions clearly. Also in this case, you can benefit if you are logged in to multiple providers. By a change of the betting account of the limitations of a complete betting offer is available to you immediately and your game will affect behavior in any way.
Online betting operators are, as a rule, by numerous and frequently-changing promotions. This also applies to horse specialists such as RaceBets betting. Who creators multiple betting accounts with different book, it automatically has access to a larger selection of bonus promotions. So you can find the Boost much more the perfect rates or a Cashback that fits exactly to the horse races you want to bet on. In addition, the new application for a bookmaker is rewarded in most cases with an attractive welcome bonus.

William Hill betting offers for example, increased rates on multi

As a serious sports betting Portal, it is our concern to inform objectively and realistically, and to raise any false hopes. Alone, the logic of sports competitions, forbids it, that the outputs are 100 percent predictable. If this were not so, would ultimately also lost a significant appeal of the sport. Nevertheless, there are when betting on horse racing some of the basic information that you should consider if you want to succeed in the long term.
An optimal preparation is the proverbial half the battle. Especially a lot of the time you should devote to the thorough Evaluate of statistics. Like the Jockey is often forgotten. Its share of the overall Performance is absolutely critical and is specified by experts, with about 30 percent. Thus, on the basis of the information available to the horse AND Jockey an overall picture of the situation.
In addition to statistics you should keep track of the latest news on horses, Jockeys, and racing events. Appropriate sources, you can find increasingly online. Also betting providers such as RaceBets provide a great Wealth of valuable information and insider knowledge for free. In their preparation for a horse race, each note can make all the difference. To illustrate, the following example will serve: In the case of a relatively insignificant series one of the current Top Stars will start. You know now that the coach considers race merely as a training session for a soon-to-come, much more important tournament. In the result, they rely on less favored horses and have good rates are very promising chances to win the bet.
High rates mean high risk! As a beginner in the world of horse betting, you should take generally distance. You have enough experience and thanks to the good preparation of realistic chances of winning the bet? Our advice is still: Put it on high rates only relatively small amounts of money.
Why miss out on something you get paid?The advantage of having multiple betting accounts is, as already mentioned, also in the variety of bonus offers, to which you have access.Of course, not every makes of these offers make sense.Take advantage of bonus offers, the fit of your respective bet. With rates Boosts or Cashback on selected Events, you can boost your profits significantly, or bets in addition to secure.
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