Football betting | All the info & the best betting providers in the comparison of 2019

If you are looking for football betting, this should also hold at the same time after a bookmaker look for the best deals. The Ranking of the various providers can be found in this football betting Test.
About 80 percent of the wagers made in Europe, are betting football. You look at the Live betting, which also enjoy great popularity, so the most a go here, too, in the area of football. For a betting of the football Sport is therefore, by far the most important. No wonder, then, that the user bets on the search for the winner in the football Test. The Good thing is: a lot of bookmakers can compete in terms of football as a world-class bookmaker and show only very minor differences.
Good Online bookmakers are generally always advantageous when it comes to quality as well as quantity. Nevertheless, there are a few small differences, but only in the Details noticeable.
We tested in terms of soccer betting not only the width but also the depth of the bets.
In relation to the width especially of the bookmaker Bet365 points that offers football betting from more than 100 countries. Also the depth of services leaves many of the providers ‘ wishes, the offer per country of many different leagues. Who as a bookmaker, not only the German Bundesliga and the German 2. and 3. League offers, but also the Regional and Upper, can, in addition, in the football Test betting points.
Also crucial are also the types of bets are apart of the selection. These must be designed per game more varied and extensive. A lot of points for a corresponding number of special bets for the sport of soccer.
Apart from a good quality and quantity of the bets, the odds is very crucial. Is defined for this purpose, a payment key from the Online bookmaker. This is a good provider, with approximately 90 to 95 percent. The higher this value is, the better it is for the players, because more money will be given back to the bettor.
In the Test, we also focus on how often an Online bookmaker for a best rate claim. Betting is quite common when it comes to the best odds, the more points.
Fig. When it comes to Top rates one of Bet3000
A betting provider offers only so-called unit rates, so we consider this to be a rather negative. These betting providers are then to be found, as is often the in the middle of the average of the results, as a further test criteria are rather mediocre.
What applies to the Live betting, the football bets are the absolute pioneers. Up to 80 percent of the bets are made only in the course of a game – the Live-betting, a bookmaker.
Digibet Live Betting Center
Long gone are the days in which a player filled out a ticket before the weekend and has filed, then simply waits to see if he has won something. The bets are now made right in the short term, and to a large extent just the game itself – in the Form of real-time betting.
Note: A good sports betting provider with the time and offers a wide variety of Live football betting and developed the offer in other sports according to.
Of course, only the Live bets are not on the rise, but also the mobile betting is becoming more and more popular. The Smartphone is in today’s time, always and everywhere, so that player bets can in order to Live a few bets in between to complete. This also applies to stadium visits or Live Broadcasts at the Public Viewing.
Fig. Bet3000 Bundesliga Live betting
The sports variety is betting in Live is always better. However, bookmakers make in almost any Online football bets, as before, the largest Part, often well over half of all the real-time betting.
* The above percentages are based on the average of the betting provider and apply for live betting in Germany.
But why football bets for Live betting so popular? One of the main reasons is the fact that football is a game of many betting options. A bookmaker has in any other sports such a large room for manoeuvre to make a bet, the offers varied.
In part, the players have during the game, up to 100 different types of bets – starting with a classic goal bets to bets on halftime results, red cards or handicap bets. Here are the best bets to find, you are guaranteed for any football fan.
Some of these bets are referred to as special bets and do not enjoy a good reputation in the Public. The reasons for the allegedly easier to Manipulate by self-proclaimed experts. The reality, however, shows that it looks exactly the opposite.
If, in fact, a betting fraud in football takes place, then this Scam typically refers to the final outcome of the game. Here, the operational limits are particularly high, significantly higher than in the case of special – event betting. This is especially true for the Asian black market and non-regulated bookmakers.
The Limits are regulated bookmaker from Europe with many bets (such as corner kicks, the next throw-in, etc.) is often very low, for example only up to 100 euros. For this reason, in these bets would be absolutely nonsensical. Event bets in General, primarily for entertainment and should be out of this respect are considered.
As already mentioned, there are, depending on the provider and country, many different betting options. Especially in the case of certain football matches, the number of options is particularly high, such as in the case of the Bundesliga and the 2. League. Each game in these leagues and often the three-digit betting opportunities. Also for the Champions League and the Premier League in England, the betting options per game. This also applies to minor leagues from Belgium, Finland or Austria, which are also frequented very well and, at least in the case of the big Top will also Play here by the bookmakers with over 100 betting options on offer.
Betting markets for the Europa League match between Borussia Dortmund and Atalanta
Of course, all the leagues and games do not offer good deals. Especially if you wander look a little further and on the Europe edge, in addition to looks, the offer yet. After all, there are often a few exceptions, such as games from Brazil, the USA or from Argentina.
There are several football leagues, the enjoy is simply a very large public interest. In these leagues, of course, also very many football bets will be completed. But which leagues are the exactly that get the most bets? Here it depends from which country is the way to bet. In many countries, the German Bundesliga and the English Premier League received a lot of attention. In Germany, the own League, however, is always ahead of the Premier League and in England it looks always exactly the opposite.
The most common football bets from Germany – these leagues are popular:
The order of this list is determined by the bets in the average. Of course, the whole revenue has to be considered that is generated from a betting provider per event. This is a world Cup or a European championship, of course, less highly (because they take place only every few years) as in the case of the German Bundesliga. The world Cup has just over 64 games – all the 4 years. For the League can play the player in a year 306 Games and football bets.
Of course, the world Championships are also the most popular events of all sports fans. This applies both for Germany and for other Nations. In this country, to be delivered to any other Event as many bets as it is in FIFA. This is valid for a period of time from about four weeks before the world Cup and during the world Cup. Even sports fans who otherwise have with sports betting little or nothing on the hat, the risk during the FIFA one or the other tip.
Long before it starts with the world Cup at all, offer Online bookmakers, appropriate offers and good rates. Just long-term bets enjoy great popularity in this regard. Here it is, for example, the question of how far Germany will come at the next world Cup.
Tipico bets, special bets on the FIFA world Cup in 2018
The world Cup is already running, so the stakes tend to bewetten individual games. A total of 64 games of the football fans available, starting with the opening game to the final of the world Cup. The bets that the bookie take during this period of time, during the world Cup to extreme heights.
Just goal bets the interest of the players, in addition, betting on a game victory. Apart from these variants, even bet, shoot one or more of the gates can be, for example, but (among many other options) also on the scorers.
Although the European Championships are always a little lower “observed” were Championships as the world, has changed this view since the 2016 EM basic.
The EURO 2016 was increased to 24 teams, what changes in public reporting and the public perception of football fans and close to the world Cup approach was able to push on.
The Euro 2016
Zw no 64, but 51 games in 2016 belonged to the European championship. For the first Time was played in this year, also a knockout stage. Overall, the European tournament ran for four weeks – just as long as it is in the world Cup.
The betting options are even more diverse, the more games played. So it’s no surprise that the European creators championship at the book for record revenue. The EM 2016 surpassed the values, which have been in 2014 already massive.
Fig. Long-term bets for the Euro 2020 at Interwetten
Nevertheless, Despite “record earnings” is a meaningful term, so this does not mean that the bookmaker has recorded a lot of success. Fundamentally revenues are only betting revenue, still nothing about the profitability of the bookmaker’s statements.
A rather unfavorable case for the bookmaker, so it may even be that the company generates a loss with the world Cup or European championship. This is especially true for unexpected Surprises. For a player of unexpected Surprises are a first-class opportunity to win. For a company, but in purely economic terms, not a good thing.
The European championship in 2004, bookmakers have probably long in the memory, because this year was strictly business outstanding and allowed many of the gains. The German team is already eliminated in the preliminary round, to which, in turn, little players have typed. Also, there were only a few tips that the Greeks up to the title of European champion by marched. Bad luck for the competition and a luck for the bookmakers.
The European championship of 1992 in Sweden was also a positive year for the bookmaker. Both Germany and Holland were favoured, however, the Danish replacement team was victorious and claimed the title. Although at that time there were no Online bookmakers, but for the acceptance on the phone and the betting offices was this EM a first-class source of income.
The EURO 2016 had less Surprises in store and has probably been for the suppliers to be more positive. There were a lot of Surprises in the first round and also in the K. O.-Games, for example, the early elimination of Spain, the first-class Island-a result of, or by March of the Welsh. Also in the endgame, some players and tapped gaming on the favourites for the title (France), although the “outsider” Portugal the conclusion of the repeated finally the title.
If you look on the club level, the UEFA Champions League is not without reason that the so-called “king’s class”. It is the most important in Europe, so the bookmaker can be seen in these days of huge sales.
Fig. Combination bets at Tipico
The group stage has a better than average combination bets-bets if the favorites (e.g., France, Italy, Spain and Germany) play with the outsiders.
For a bookmaker, it is, of course, a certain bad luck when a round ends with Wins for the favorites. Here, each amount of winnings for the players are due for a bookmaker losses. The ratios are multiplied in multiple bets, so that players get significantly payouts higher profit, than you have made with any wager at all.
Play in the knockout rounds of the bigger favorites against each other, then the chances of winning are more balanced. This also means that the output is less simply predict and, therefore, the inserts will tend to be lower. Prior to the start of the game you are, therefore, rather low, but during the game it comes with the Live los the bets correctly. Most of the operations are generated during the Champions League in General, only during the 90 minutes of play, when the tips are issued in real-time.
In the case of football betting in Germany, the German Bundesliga with distance is of course the most popular. No wonder, because in this country there is hardly a player who does not at least occasionally a couple of tips on the German Bundesliga. Who wants to bet on the bookmaker with the best Offered for the German Bundesliga, especially at Bet3000, Tipico and betvictor will find it.
The League at Tipico
For bookmaker from Austria German football leagues but also very important, therefore, they also provide their customers with optimized deals for German games. The range of betting options but is not designed for German players simply extensive, there are even more benefits for the players from Germany. The bookmaker Tipico, and also Bet3000 at odds, for example, is particularly generous when it comes to the German Bundesliga.
The withdrawal of the key may therefore lie in some “traditional German betting providers”, such as Bet3000, at 99 percent, depending on the League game. For the bet provider number left at such a high percent hardly any chances of winning for the player himself, of course, extremely gratifying.
Image: charnsitr /
In Germany, the English Premier League is in fifth place on the popularity, but nevertheless with a great distance. The best deals are to be found in the British betting providers.
For British bookmakers such as Betvictor, Ladbrokes, and Bet365, are the local games of course also the most important. So if you want to bet on the favourite in the Premier League, this UK suppliers of the largest range. For German players especially the big teams are very interesting. Especially Manchester United, Arsenal, Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool are among the teams for players very popular.
Good rates for these English teams are there, of course, primarily with the British bookies – here players should first look over, if you want to bet on the Premier League.
For many years, the Spanish BBVA League is one of the strongest leagues in Europe. This is partly due to the international Madrid – and Barcelona-have left a strong impression.
Up to the turn of the Millennium, the Italian clubs were dominant and have now been replaced in terms of Europe-teams of the Spaniards. Since 2000, the Spaniards were already 10 x in the final of the Champions League and already 7 x was named as the winner of either FC Barcelona or Real Madrid from Spain.
Really only Valencia in 2001 against Bayern Munich has lost, the other two times there were Spanish opponents, so that Spain won in any case, and Spain is also the loser.
As for the popularity within Spain, the clubs vary in part between the two Top teams, so there is often a series of victories in a row. The rates for these victories are of course also much lower, but, nevertheless, they are betting at sporting friends, especially in multi bets very popular.
Since Andy Möller once said “no Matter if Milan or Madrid, the main thing is that Italy” has already passed for quite a while. Between the 80s and 90s, certain Italy, the football level, but now the matter looks different. Really good footballers don’t want just the Serie A as a Destination.
On the “Serie A” betting at Interwetten
Nevertheless, For betting enthusiasts, the Serie A is still a very interesting and also a good League, it is quite easy to the most important parameters in terms of international football, even if the leagues in England, Spain and Germany are now even more interesting. Who wants to bet on a simple win, with Juventus the last few years, not incorrectly, as the series champion will win after the other, and his betting friends spoiled accordingly.
In the German betting offices and online, only the first League is not, of course, interesting, but also the second League in Germany, many tips – it is also one of the Top 10 leagues in the football betting. For the most betting friends the game on Monday is especially interesting, because during this time most of the time no international games of the first League to take place, so that can focus the Fans on the second League – this is also true for Live betting, where real-time tips to be delivered.
The Monday evening with the second League is also the perfect opportunity to extend the football weekend a little and to indulge in the Sport a night and tips.
The best deals sports enthusiasts will find in the German vendors or for Online bookmakers, with the focus specifically to the German market (e.g. Interwetten).
In the last few years, could develop the Ligue 1 thanks to a number of investors to an interesting European League. A large proportion of Zlatan Ibrahimovic makes the plays as “Superstar” at Paris Saint Germain.
For betting friends a tip on the series champion of the last years is not a bad idea, because this makes regularly in the betting shops for happy faces. Of course that means, unfortunately, that the odds, always with more likely Victories to regulate down and the Profit levels be small.
The flight of the French League is currently experiencing, could result in even further as the European football championship 2016, the French stages in addition to, and modernized, has been strengthened.
When it comes to the Europa League, then this can’t keep up with the Champions League, but it still scores as the UEFA Cup-the successor to

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