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Digibet has already caused in the 90s in Germany for the first time caused a stir. The Berlin-based company launched online with the betting portal Wetten.de to which there were all sorts of legal wrangling. Under the Label of Digibet sports acting betting since 2003. In the initial phase, the in Berlin were one of the most popular bookmakers on the Internet. Over the years, Digibet had lost tremendous luster. In the betting providers, Ranking the company was passed. At times, it was believed in the industry that Digibet is withdrawing completely from the market. But it is different now. The online provider is started in 2017 completely new. New Layout, new betting, new bonus program, Digibet has invented completely new.
Important note: Digibet has since pulled out of the online market and is not currently available. We recommend you to open an account in our test winner at Betway. You can makers, of course, like to other reputable book, in our sports betting look around comparison.
For us, this was of course reason enough for a complete Digibet Test. Has to penetrate to the bookmakers, the Potential in the Top10? We have taken the German book-makers in all relevant categories for you under the microscope. In our detailed Digibet experience, we are all plus points, but also on the improvement of Details trusted.
In the following detailed experience report, we have taken the British betting providers in ten test rubrics more closely.
The betting program has been refreshed, but still clearly on the Mainstream. The former love of the horse sport was placed with Digibet completely ad acta. The odds of the racing and the trotting tracks were removed from the betting offer. Clearly the number “One” in the Portfolio of the king of football. Digibet is likely to hit exactly the nerve of the customers. The round leather in the international meetings of the Champions and the Europa League, of course, are in special focus. It is the top leagues from Germany, England, Spain and Italy. But it goes much wider. Matches from all around the world round out the football betting. Who likes to play the exceptional games that will probably be in the Championships in Thailand, Uganda or Vietnam will find it. The young and the under-class football of course, also not too short. The local competitions are presented here, even in a separate heading “Germany Amateur”.

In the Ranking of the disciplines of Tennis and ice hockey to follow. In both sports Digibet is almost a complete program. There are only minimal gaps are identified. In Tennis, the Berlin – based tournaments have not only the high-class ATP and WTA shows on the screen, but at the same time, numerous lower-ITF. In ice hockey Digibet Europe is far on the Puck, wherein the wagering range of course of the North American NHL is headed. An important role for the German betting provider in the world of Motorsport, with formula 1 is of course at the top. In the context of the area of a few disciplines, such as floorball or Futsal. Overall, Digibet, it creates currently 16 sports in the betting offer, which is still comparatively little – but deliberately so-was chosen.
In the depth of the betting options, the provider, without having to the best betting provider matching. In the most important football leagues Digibet works with over 50 betting markets per game. The most important options such as the Double Chance, the goals Over/Under versions, as well as some of the Handicap offers.
The live bets are in the broadest sense, a mirror image of the Pre-Match offers. Football, Tennis and ice hockey are also in the focus. The usual Suspects follow with Handball, Basketball and Volleyball. Is recognizable to our Digibet experience, however, that the provider is in the quantity of live are still significantly behind the market leaders. The leisure weather will unquestionably come in very handle well. But if you want to focus predominantly on “unimportant” Events, here and there, miss his desire to offer.
Digibet Wetten Live

In the past, the Digibet Bonus up to 20 Euro more like a gentle breeze. In the transition time of the Software of the betting provider, has surrendered completely to a welcome gift. However, this has changed in a positive way. Since October, there’s a real Digibet Bonus. Anyone who reads the ad on the home page, might be a little confused. Digibet speaks here of a “Mobile bonus”. Properly, there is the regular Welcome Bonus as well as an identical mobile version. This means that anyone who logs in via the App and makes a Deposit, you must meet the following sales conditions also via Smartphone or Tablet. The same applies in the reversed case for the Desktop Version. Otherwise, the bonus programs, however, are completely identical.
Let’s go for the beginners with a very high 100%Digibet betting bonus up to 200 Euro. Who chooses to cash the minimum payment amount of ten euros, it receives the same sum up and starts his betting with 20 EUR. New customers who want to immediately redeem the maximum Digibet Bonus, provide a contribution of 200 Euro, 200 Euro and start with a betting credit of up to 400 euros. A classic Digibet Bonus Code for the activation is not needed. A click during the transfer is sufficient to activate the welcome bonus. Excluded methods of Payment doesn’t exist at Digibet. All payment methods are bonuses to be relevant.
Important note: The Digibet is, of course, any new customer. But there is an exception. If you were already in the past, customer of the betting provider, but since the 01. November 2016 not yet in the new Software from Digibet have logged in, you may take the Welcome Bonus. Otherwise, of course, that the Digibet Promo Code must be redeemed by each User only once, where the game assignment is based on the Person, the budget, the Payment process, as well as the IP address.
The sales terms and conditions state that the Deposit amount once and the bonus amount five Times play through before the first withdrawal approval is granted. Warning – it is only a promotional Cash offer for the betting. The bonus itself is at Digibet are not redeemable for cash. All of the Rollover are met requirements, may be “just” on profits. In the following, we want to paint you with the sales conditions on the basis of the minimum and the maximum Digibet Bonus show.
Minimum Bonus
Maximum Bonus
The Rollover of the Deposit amount Digibet dispensed to a minimum rate. This means you don’t have to play when you Rollover a maximum of 600 Euro, but only 500 Euro on the corresponding betting rate of default. Specifically, the bookmaker to add up all the tips with odds of 2.0 or higher as a bonus, relevant. In the case of combination bets, each betting selection has the minimum ratio of 1.3. So, you can add three favorites-tips, a 1.3, to crack the odds of default. Restrictions with regard to the sports competitions, markets and leagues are not known. The rollover requirements must be met within 30 days. After the expiration of the month period, the fictitious betting funds from the game account will be deleted automatically.
Rewarding the sports betting are, in practice, only then, if you are provided with reputable and high odds. According to our Digibet experience shows here, the betting can look back on many years of market presence. Since time immemorial, the quotas are set at Digibet stable and above average. The rate key is about 94 percent, by which the provider is compared in the upper midfield. In the case of very important football matches goes even higher. In the Champions League and the German Bundesliga on a regular basis the 96% is cracked. In the areas of the Frame, is not, although there has been a slight reduction in the odds, however, in a dramatic Form. A special commendation in the Test earned Digibet for the live betting. Often, the mathematical payout approach is 91 to 92 percent.
Shortly before the start of the game, only minor rate fluctuations are visible. An early tip-levy is recommended, nevertheless, and here and there a few extra euros. Special focus to favourites or outsiders, not according to our Digibet experience. In the following, we want to drawn them out randomly, some of the odds of the bookmaker. You can make yourself a picture.
Football League
Bayer 04 Leverkusen vs. RB Leipzig 2,20 – 3,45 – 3,75
Ice Hockey Deutschland Cup
Germany vs. Russia Olympic Team 3,50 – 4,40 – 1,70
Handball Champions League
FC Barcelona vs. Rhein-Neckar Löwen 1,25 – 12,00 – 5,00

The pay offer is to be regarded according to our experience with Digibet is a little two-edged. The positive facts: Digibet supports PayPal deposits and withdrawals. The cooperation with the American financial services provider, used at the same time, that it is a reputable and safe online betting providers. PayPal works only with selected gambling companies on the Internet and can be counted as a separate quality and safety indicator. Positive is furthermore, that all money transfers be handled. With hide the costs you must expect no User.
Overall, the transfer offer, however, is very, very clear. The bookmaker focuses only on the important most popular payment methods. The direct Alternative to PayPal, Skrill by Moneybookers. Deposits are in addition to the credit cards of Visa and MasterCard, including the associated debit versions. The Bank deposits the system with the direct booking of the transfer speed. The offer is rounded off at the cash register of the Prepaid-Codes of the Paysafecard. Deposits are generally between 10 and 1,000 euros per transaction. This applies for all payment methods.
The payments will be made, in principle, on the Einzahlungsweg, if this is technically possible. Who, for example, always pay with Paysafecard needs to claim his winnings as normal over the Bank chain. It is important that the recipient’s account is on the Name of the customer. Furthermore, the Transfer can be made only on the account that has been pre-used, where appropriate, for the Deposit As the minimum payout amount will be given ten euros. Note: Digibet shall be entitled on profit withdrawals to calculate 30 Euro for a service fee of two euros. A maximum limit is not specify in the terms and conditions, but can be set by the betting company individually.
The processing of the withdrawal requests will normally be made on the day after the application. The PayPal and Skrill payout, after our experience, only 24 to 48 hours. Bank transfers to land, usually within three to five working days to the customer, although Digibet indicates here a maximum period of ten days.
To note is that each customer must go through prior to the first pay request for the legitimacy check is successful. Digibet checks the game’s identity on the basis of the so-called KYC documents. Each User must submit a photo ID (passport, driver’s license, personal ID card) and a recent proof of Address (utility bill, registration certificate).
We come to a very positive Detail in the Digibet Test. In the experience of the last years of the appearance was not without reason, as the outdated, difficult and not timely. The unattractive home was certainly the most important reason for the descent of the Online bookmaker. This, however, belongs to the past. Digibet is a brand-new, super-modern site at the Start, can withstand the highest demands. The programmers we literally have done all the work. The user interface is very simple. All of the navigation paths are self-explanatory. Appealing we find that the sports are presented in symbolic form, which is a new additional space will be created.
Basically, Digibet goes for the Layout but there is no risk, but in a customer-friendly on the well-known sports betting-Look. This means that the disciplines are clearly arranged on the left edge of the image. In the sub-menus to go to the countries, leagues and competitions. Even beginners will find yourself in the wind. The betting slip can be effortlessly between single, multi and system bets changed.
Visually, the red-white Digibet Design in broad terms. The Homepage, however, is significantly brighter than in the past. The white Background contributes significantly to perfect Clarity. The sports impressions as well as the operator guidance to ensure the required diversity of colors. Certainly it can be argued about the look of always, according to our Digibet experiences in Berlin have found at this point, but a very good way.

The tips can of course be used by any User on the go via Smartphone or Tablet. Customers have on-the-go access to the complete betting program without any restrictions. The mobile Digibet App contains the all important side functions. The new players can register mobile. Withdrawals and deposits touch are with a few screen feasible. The design of the Digibet App deserves similar results as the desktop version.
Technically Digibet relies on an optimized version in HTML5 Format, that is to say on a Web App. A Download is not necessary. This has for the customer the advantage that at any time the terminal can be changed. It is sufficient to select the mobile Homepage in the Browser. Directly after the Login of the desired bets can be placed. In the Digibet Test showed that the App is compatible with iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.
Good grades in the report s a doubt, is free for the customer support. In all our Tests, the staff answered friendly and knowledgeable. Of course, the Digibet Service team is English-speaking. The contact is in writing via the form on the or by Email. The requests are promptly answered within a few hours individually. With standardized, copied answer texts, no customer have to make do. Furthermore, the online bookmaker is working with a landline number in Germany, so that only very low or no fees. Specific times of availability of the service staff are not given. According to our Digibet experiences of the Support is during normal business hours or in the early evening hours at any time. An integrated Live-Chat is dispensed with in the case of Digibet.
A weak point is the lack of a FAQ menu. The Software is not prepared in the area of contact on this function, but nothing more. If you click on the Button “article search”, it will encounter Empty, regardless of which Search term he entered.
For Digibet the long-standing presence in the market speaks, first, of course. Even if it is in the last few years, something went screwy, has preserved the bookmaker his respectability at any time. The Digibet Limited, itself, is still in Gibraltar, in the home, but also opens up a branch in Malta. The license exchange was followed by the Maltese authority. With the EU approval of the country Digibet has now made a further step on the Seriositäts-head to the top. Alone the approval of the Malta Gaming Authority is sufficient to verify the safety of the online provider. Furthermore, Digibet has a seal of approval from NMI+ Gaming.
The data and game security is our Digibet experience perfectly. We were able to find in the Test, no defects. The sensitive in-game information will be encrypted and transmitted, so that access from Outside is impossible. Applications to the book-makers are, of course, only after the age of 18. Year of life.
A big room Digibet gives the game anti-addiction. The betting provider works together with the independent Institute BeGambleAware in the UK. Furthermore, on the the first Test, and every customer can analyse his risk position. The User moves on the edge of the pathological game, he can ask the trained support staff to help, and will get there as well.
For the prevention the following Features can be used:
Digibet is definitely the ranks of the reputable bookmakers in the Internet. This means, of course, that the bookmaker is subject to since July 2012, the German betting tax rule. Five percent of the revenue of the provider will be immediately forwarded to the local tax office. After Digibet has taxed bills in the past, the experience betting, with the new Software implementation also here, a change in the business strategy – but not really for the benefit of the customers. Digibet behaves now absolutely compliant with the law and to the sports betting tax entirely on the User. This is done not by the inclusion in the game total, but with a five percent fee on top. In the connection it doesn’t matter whether the betting to win tickets or lose, the betting is tax anyway paid. You can’t Digibet criticize the Test for this type of action, of course, but we are according to our sports betting experience, of the opinion that other betting friendly calculation have found vendors much more customer models.
In the following, we want to bet you a typical Digibet note from the example:
In fact, the rate drops to the ticket, therefore, of 6.0 to 5,71.
The Digibet Test shows that the race has reported a provider in the truest sense of the word. The new website’s appearance to be convinced of A to Z. the same applies to the modern, mobile Web App. The betting offer is maybe not huge, but it corresponds exactly to the Wishes of the local customers. The quotes are excellent. The football betting odds containing the one or the other odds-and-Highlight. Customer support is the long-standing market experience of the Online bookmaker. English speaking, knowledgeable and friendly staff represent Digibet. The transfer offer is the whole, not very extensive, but can score points with PayPal at the top. Positive, reliable, and fast withdrawals are also. The new Digibet Bonus convinced summarily, in percentage terms, and with reputable Rollover requirements. The only fly in the ointment: the sum of The bonus itself cannot be withdrawn.
In terms of seriousness, there’s according to our Digibet experience no weak points. All requirements for data and game protection are met. For the legally sound basis of the sports betting EU license from the Malta Gaming Authority.

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