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Since this week the first legs are completed in the first knockout round of the UEFA Champions League all together. A total of eight duels in the last almost two weeks. From the German point of view, it ran with the 5:0 square win of FC Bayern against Besiktas Istanbul really well, the German record champion stands with one foot already in the round of the last eight. In our Champions League Round-up we take a look at the other pairings and dare to make a prediction of who will make the leap in the next round.
32 Teams are gone in September last year in the UEFA Champions League at the Start, 16 of them managed to have the jump in the K. o.-Phase and fighting since the beginning of February to the CL quarter-finals. We want to employ in our large Round-Up with the eighth-final duels closer and take a look at the first legs.
Immediately after the eighth-final draw for the first votes were languages according to the of a walk-through for FC Bayern. Bayern themselves have underestimated the Turkish champion at any time and not do it after the first leg certainly. Nevertheless, the 5:0 home victory during the week has opened the door to the quarterfinals wide open. Even if the people of Munich have benefited from the early red card for Domagoj Vida instrumental, Jupp Heynckes & co. their role as favourites in the first leg. How strong is Istanbul, but to date in the Premier class, evidenced by the fact that this was the first defeat in the seventh CL-game in the current season for the Black eagles.
Conclusion: The Bavarians are experienced and have too much quality in their ranks to make this “perfect” starting position in the return game in mid-March once again. Besiktas not with his back to the wall, more to come would only be a real Sensation but also football history: to date, it has still managed no team in the history of the Champions League after a 0:5 Defeat in the first leg to create the jump in to the next round. We expect with a quarter-finals of the German record champion. However, it is exciting to see what the Bavarians are going in the return game and whether to play in Istanbul to win.
The duel between Juventus and Tottenham Hotspur is considered by many experts and Fans as the “most balanced” one-eighth-final pairings. After the first leg the British, however, are slightly in the advantage. The Spurs were able to win in Turin with a 2:2 draw, even though it was in the meantime with the score 0:2 behind. While it is expected to be in London the result was more than satisfactory, this is not the case in Turin are significantly different. The Fans struggle with the game and especially the course of the game. Gonzalo Higuain had a great Chance by foul penalty on 3:0, the match would have influenced the game significantly and thus also the course. The spot-kick crashed against the crossbar and Tottenham enabling thus once again making a Comeback.
Conclusion: The Spurs have proven in Turin, morality, and, thanks to a combative setting, yet is in a good position for the return game backed up. The Team of Mauricio Pochettino has in the Offensive so a lot of qualities and is capable of beating any Team, whether home or away, a goal. It will be exciting to see whether you can take advantage of a good situation. Is not written off Juve still for a long time, the Italians have a lot of experience and can be obtained in London certainly your Chance. It is an open duel, stay still.
With a 4:0 away success in Basel, Manchester City, his favourite role in the eighth-final first leg against the Swiss is become completely. Ilkay Gündogan was involved with 2 goals instrumental in the victory. In Manchester there are plans already in the quarter-finals, City-Coach Pep Guardiola spoke after the first leg of the next round. For Basel it will be to get in Manchester little to nothing.
Conclusion: Should City the game 100% seriously, it beckons once again a runaway victory. However, it is quite possible that the Sky Blues switch one or two gears back and in the saving mode to the CL quarter-finals to move in. Similar to the FC Bayern anything other than a City would, however, Continue to be a real Sensation.
Similar to how Manchester City and FC Bayern FC Liverpool is, in fact, with two legs already in the quarter-finals. After a furious a 5:0 away win against FC Porto no one believes more earnestly to the fact that Jürgen Klopp and his Team this situation again. For Porto, it will go in the return game at Anfield only to damage limitation. You should not create this, threatening you to collect again a bitter Broke.
Conclusion: The Reds will move into the CL quarter-finals.Who knows the ambition and claim of Jürgen Klopp also knows that the Ex-BVB-Coach in the return game is going to send his best Team on the court and win again, in front of their own Fans, would like to retract.
Cristiano Ronaldo has decided the duel of the Superstars against Neymar in the eighth-final first leg. CR7 scored Real with 2 goals to make it 3:1-success at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu. With the victory secured a comfortable starting position, but still nothing. Even if the result looks at first glance and is true, Paris was in Madrid, anything other than chance. With Neymar, Mbappe and Cavani, the French have too much quality in the Offensive to the first leg result is not yet turning. Against Bayern, PSG has proven this season already that you can outclass the native Prince Park and absolute Top clubs””.
Conclusion: Real-is in the Pole Position, but requires at least an equally strong and especially efficient performance in the first leg. Paris is turning out to burn the 1:3 again, if the French succeed will also depend on the Form in which the Offensively-present Trio around Neymar.
In addition to the Real Paris, the duel between FC Chelsea and FC Barcelona are certainly the most exciting eighth final tie in the Champions League. The Blues have shown a strong performance in the first leg at the local Stamford Bridge and looked for a long time as the “sure winner”. However, the Spaniards took advantage of the only error of the British ice cold and Lionel Messi ended his “Chelsea curse” and the game, securing his team with the away goal and compensation is a good starting position for the return.
Conclusion: The FC Barcelona was already ahead of the game as a favorite in the duel, and after the first leg has changed nothing. The Blues need to play in the Camp Nou to win, Barca will arise sooner or later. In addition to the team’s unity, Barcelona with Lionel Messi also on the X-factor that could be like in the first leg at the end of once again tipping the scales.
While in 7 of the 8 quarter-finals-first legs includes at least two gates have fallen, it was only in the duel between Sevilla FC and Manchester United the only gateless game. The Team of Jose Mourinho did against the Andalusians, much more so than many would have expected. The Spaniard missed, however, to take advantage of the “bad day” by United. Outstanding man on the side of the Englishman David de Gea, who saved with numerous parades and his Team at the end of a defeat.
Conclusion: United has presented itself alarmingly weak in the first leg and will need in the return game, a significant increase in performance in order to solve the quarter-final Ticket. With the home Fans in the back one goes, however, as a favorite in the back.
Before the eighth-final first leg between Doenzk and the AS Rome, the Italians were considered “clear” favorite. By the 1:2-defeat in the Ukraine has changed on this role, however. The Roma has lost an inter-temporal 1:0 lead and is now ahead of the return game under pressure. Even if you can compete at home against any Team in the Champions League, there is no more blunder more. Donetsk has, especially in the Offensive through numerous dangerous player and is also able to achieve away quite a goal.
Conclusion: Rome does not have the best starting position, with the return game in the home to Olympic stadium, you can rotate the 1:2 first leg defeat. Donetsk will focus in Rome with a very high probability of first to the own Defensive and with their fast and dangerous counter-attacking players always try to pinholes in the Offensive set.

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