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New customers are looking for a new betting operator, gives you a good Bonus. A voucher is always interesting and creates an attractive incentive for first games. For this purpose, the customer even has an immensely large supply, in the in search of rest. The customer chooses between a number of sports and an incredibly high number of bets. Within the 34 categories, there are a total of about 90 different sports. Alone in the fight sports new competitions to be found on an ongoing basis. Of course, the winter sports is represented only as a seasonal sport, but in the summer, a variety of new types of sport, the joy.
Whether indoor sports or season sports, bwin has a lot to offer. There are at least 30 000 bets are available and on some days even the 60 000. The sports fans will be able to place Last Minute bets as well as Live bets, System and combination bets or bets placed on single events. A betting player takes place in such a selection of many of the suggestions for the placement of a bet. And after all, the customers have the time, to be able to log in to bwin sign up, and the Joker (with a term until 09/2020). For detailed information on the betting provider can read our bwin review.
Of course, there is not only a Bonus for the customers. It constantly offers new Promotions or bonuses to existing customers when they are actively playing. It is, however, that the new customers can activate a special Bonus. The Joker is a new customer bonus, the betting player really can’t lose. The Bonus is, unfortunately, not be effective if the players win. In this Situation, you may not be happy but, because you are allowed to record a profit for themselves. Should a player lose, then the money would actually be. Not so in the case of the use of the Bonus. The betting player selects this Bonus, a minimum Deposit of 5 euros to a maximum of 100 Euro and can keep in case of Losing of the bet, the bet or opt for a FreeBet. It is the betting for victory, only expensive. In the case of a loss of the bet, bwin carries the betting tax.
Fig. The Bwin Joker Bet
The Joker is made up of a Bonus that brings when you Lose the money back. A minimum stake of 5 Euro is asked. About 100 Euro, the Bonus can’t go out. The Joker is for the customer, basically, is very convenient, because this doesn’t have to do much for it. The betting player has registered with a new account, makes a first Deposit within the given frame, and selects the Bonus in his account. The Joker is then valid for the first bet is placed, but not for more bets. For the first betting this is a generous incentive. The Joker is similar to an insurance policy. This is there even for active players that don’t want to lose too much money and effort in better protect.
A Joker bet gives the player up to € 100 Cashback, which can then be used directly for the next bet. A customer may ask the net amount of this “Bonus” pay. It would make more sense, however, when a customer selects a FreeBet or the amount back to his account paid. For this purpose, the betting operators have to evaluate the bet and within 48 hours of a withdrawal. Betting customers will not suffer in the election of the first bet also certainly under a low selection. Because the Joker applies to all bets in the field of sports betting.
All possible sport types could be used in this way. The betting player must use no Code at all. Without a Code or other type of free-to-play, the customer can accept this kind of Joker in his account with the given conditions. A bet from 34 sports categories will then be selected by the player. There are a total of about 30 000, are always available. At times, it even gives double the bet, if there are a lot of sporting events. Accepted sports are Handball, for example, Volleyball, Basketball, soccer, or hockey. Including many international sports, the players are not each betting commonly mix.
The betting friend placed a bet in American Football or Baseball, Aussie football, in Rugby, in many leagues in Bandy, Badminton, Futsal or Gaelic sports. Some of the exotics don’t make a bit of variety, so it never gets boring. Fun bets are mixed in the range. Bets in the policy, from the field of entertainment or betting on chess or Curling are a little quieter and the promise of some Inspiration.
There are some framework conditions are required that a player meets in a simple way. The betting player does not have to a stressful sequence of timed operations. There are some Steps that Run one after the other. There are a few rules that must be followed. A betting player must to study before the Joker and conditions.
Rule 1: The bet friend from Germany or Austria has registered and the account has been verified. This process usually works very fast and does not take up unnecessary many days. In the following step, a Deposit of between 5 € and 100 €. After that, a betting friend has to place his bet. The Joker is supposed to be to the year 2020, into the offered, but this process must take place within a short period of time. The first bet the customer is assured with the adoption of this bwin Bonus in your customer account under “My bonuses”. The Joker there is, however, only if the customer has logged in before, yet never with bwin. Other customers should want to protect their bets, is the insurance “protector” for these customers.
Rule 2: The betting company bwin, which methods will be paid. A friend of the Sportsbook can’t pay in this case is equal to using each payment method. In total, there are 28 payment methods, offered. In the specification of the bwin is declared that a Deposit for the Bonus is only with Maestro, Mastercard, PayPal, VISA, Bank Transfer, Diners, Wire, instant Bank, Instant Banking, Kalixa, QIWI or Ewire. These methods have not been used, there is no Joker. After all, bwin but it is not explicitly a period of time, which in this context has to be paid. The selection, however, is still quite large, and the customers do not pay any fee at bwin.
Rule 3: bwin allows for the game but a variety of types of bets which may be placed. So a betting player can actively use the numerous forms of betting assumptions. Are allowed in the Pre-Match betting, a bet on a single betting event, Live betting, and even Combi-bets. In these betting forms, the customer can do no wrong. Even the Quote is absolutely free to choose. There are no requirements for a Quote. And yet there are prohibitions. Otherwise it would be too easy for the customer. Cash Out bets, existing free bets or system bets are not allowed to be elected. Similarly, it would not be to select a bet to cancel it and bet again, in order to use the Bonus. The Joker would then no longer be accessible.
Rule 4: The betting player may place his bet on the normal Browser, the mobile version or the App. Often, bets are restricted for the App in a certain way. The Joker is also true for the App in its full extent. The Joker is only valid if the bet was lost. An evaluation of the bet takes 48 hours. Then there is a FreeBet or the amount of money back to the customers account. Betting players need to use the FreeBet within 7 days. This decision of the customer selects in his / her customer account. For the Joker, the net gain is considered with a deduction of betting tax.
Interesting for the Joker is certainly, by whom this comes. The betting is interesting. The betting offer is not created, as is the case with other betting offices, right after the war. The betting providers is still very young and was founded in 2011 in Austria. Soon it came to changes in the betting office. It is a merger of the Austrian bwin Interactive Entertainment AG and PartyGaming plc followed very quickly. And some time later, bwin was to an offer from the GVC Services Limited in Gibraltar and ElectraWorks Limited in London.
Licenses there are for this reason the rock of Gibraltar and from the UK. The offer includes due to the numerous company changes not only the sports betting and Live betting. In addition, there is a lot of variety in the areas of Casino, Poker, Live Casino, or mercury. The betting players should get bored, you could also test the benefits of additional services or benefits. Interestingly, the bonuses in the Casino, the player for some time for free play.

A betting player must use his Joker, Promotions or bonuses are more likely to have a Code. Such a Code must be specified in the range of the bonuses in the account then. In this case, but it is not so cumbersome. It would cost the customer too much and betting too many circumstances. For the sake of simplicity has been omitted in a Code, and the provider designed the Joker’s bet with the specified terms and conditions. Betting friends have, consequently no Worries.
The Bonus is declared by bwin itself. The customer will certainly have some questions. Some questions will surely come when betting friends actively dealing with the Joker. It should be ambiguities, clarify this to the customer service for a Wetts player. A German-speaking customer service was designed in such a way that this is even around-the-clock. Only for four hours between 2 o’clock at night and 6 o’clock in the Morning has to be written in the English language.

bwin has set up for its customers a Live Chat and a contact form. There is no Hotline. This is, perhaps, also better, because otherwise for some of the calls, a charge for Roaming would be incurred. A customer is only its customer data, and may make his question very directly. Important all the necessary facts that you can read. The provider must also examine the Situation. A contact form may take some processing time. All 48 hours can it take to get a reply was written. In the Live Chat it does not work, of course, much faster, if all the employees are just talking. At times a few minutes of waiting, the result may be.
Questions about the Joker to be answered in Detail. For example, the customer will see then, how much time is actually available, so that a first Deposit is made. Partly, there are also individual questions in the Chat a reply. Perhaps there is a special case. In addition, the betting player can also all of the other questions, the answer to his betting or his account there.
The overall impression of the Joker is good, even if a Deposit bonus is usually more flexible deployment options, and often higher claims. The experience with the bwin Joker shows that it is a first kind of hedging the bets. Maybe it is betting an incentive for a real insurance policy for sports. Betting customers can enjoy a Bonus good Joker-conditions and an optimal chance to win. Only the betting tax must also be deducted, so the bet friend gets a net profit is paid out.


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