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Betway is a bookmaker that wants to offer its Fans a lot. For this reason, the sports betting provider with numerous offers for its customers. For this purpose, the attractive payment terms as well, as well as the variety of areas in Poker, Casino and Bingo. Here it is to test a lot of things, and to experience. Variety in the game is also in the category of sports betting. So a Bonus can be implemented with ease, without that it would lead to bottlenecks in the selection.
The Bonus includes an extensive offer of attractive terms and conditions. This does not have to be a lot of money paid in. On the contrary, the player starts with a small amount. It must only be ensured that a Deposit with certain payment methods. After all, the Deposit cost on these payment options, no additional fee. A payment should be made via PayPal, VISA credit card or instant Bank transfer. And the Bonus is become more tangible. Some conditions must also be considered.

The bookmaker gives the customers the 1. Deposit a 100 % Bonus that can amount to 10 to 150 euros. In the ideal case, in the case of a Deposit of 150 euros, the customer could use to bet of 300 euros. Paid out of the Bonus and the profits generated can not be immediately, because the appropriate release conditions must be met. Only if the required turnover is reached, a payout is possible. In the next step a customer needs to only pay attention to the implementation of the terms and conditions. It is definitely worth to play with the full amount, since the quota is not set too high.
Customers can enjoy attractive terms and conditions. Because you are not concentrated and do not need to adhere to impossible conditions. There are for customers from the Region Germany, Switzerland and Austria the Option, this Bonus to be released. Two other variants of the Bonus there is, of course, for Finland, Sweden and Norway and for Canada, the UK and Ireland. For the release, or qualification, no enormous effort is necessary. First of all, the customer must register the client’s account completely. As soon as this is activated for payments, can start the player basically even. Within 7 days of the first Deposit must be made. The second Deposit bonus will be available once the customer has implemented 80% of the first Deposit. It is the same sales conditions apply as for the first Deposit.

Betway offers for making deposits to the betting account in addition to the standard payment methods Bank transfer to credit card and other Online payment methods. In addition to immediately transfer the popular e-wallets PayPal, Skrill and Neteller, or Prepaid solution Paysafecard. The range of payment solutions to complete in this country, currently, some lesser-known variants such as ecoPayz, MPass, and Trustly. These payment solutions are secure and fast at the same time, so that they represent a real Alternative.
It is important that the customers pull the Deposit with any means of payment. The already-mentioned payment methods for deposits limited Betway on credit card, Paypal, Bank transfer and instant Bank transfer. In the case of bonus interest, the customer must Deposit an amount between 10 euros and 150 euros. Fees do not apply in this case the part of the betting provider.
A Bettor does not have to really worry about is that the Bonus is free unlocked. It is here that the sum of the Bonus may later even be paid out. The Bonus must also be implemented. Many betting operators to prevent, however, is that the customer gets his Bonus paid out. In many cases, it is for the customer only the profit. In this case, however, it is so that the customer may get the profit and the Bonus.
The rates must comply with the customer are not in a high range. A mere 1.75 must be at 6 times the revenue of a total quota for a single bet or Single-Line-Multi-bet. Sports betting with odds between 1.30 and 1.74 to make a 48-times turnover of the Bonus required.
In addition, it must be noted, however, that a betting tax is deducted. The customer should win, then is paid on Betway, a betting tax and not paid. The 5 % betting tax is collected on all profits (stake plus winnings) immediately due and payable and for German customers from Betway.
Important: For betting first the deposited amount and then the bonus amounts. Possible betting losses, he denies in this Phase, with his paid money. Most betting providers. Be made with the Deposit bonus wins, a payout according to the Bonus play – through or wagering requirements. The players would like to have refunded to any account balance which comes from the original Deposit, he may the. To do this, he must forfeit the Bonus and all winnings. The customer service can help in such a case.
The turnover is carried out basically according to clear rules. The customer must comply with for this purpose no definite period of time with fixed intervals. No, the Bonus may not stay for long. The player must act as he has for a bonus to claim and the related first Deposit to a maximum of 7 day time. In the case of deposits, then the bonus offer is no longer available.
Sales Betway requires only the sales amount and the minimum rate. At many other bookmakers, there is also a time limit. Waived at Betway. The customer only needs to pay attention to the conditions for the sales. You should shy away from the risk of the sales conditions, we recommend depositing less than that amount. As a minimum amount of 10 Euro are required in order for the Bonus to take effect. The customer must, therefore, play not to the full extent with the generous 150 Euro. If competitive players do not want to take risk, you could implement the Bonus easy in a small scope. At 10€ it would be a minimum turnover of€ 70. Then, when at least 80% of the roll over conditions are met, the Bonus on the second Deposit
Important: This bonus offer is valid until revoked, to be established within 12 months of no account activity that requires Betway for a then inactive account, a monthly administration fee of 5 Euro. Will be deducted from any account credit. Logically, this means: No account balances, no account debiting!
A turnover is not at all betting forms are possible. As Forecast and Tricast, for example, are not permitted. The bettor must wager the bonus amount at least six Times. There are around 30 different sports and numerous leagues, in which a game is possible. Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, football, or exotic sports from other countries and continents you can choose. Possible a game with the NBA, the League, the BBL, ATP – or WTL – Tennis, NHL and the Premier League. Many areas are available. A placement must be in a certain way, implemented so that there are no problems.
Many customers play classic a single bet, or Single-Line-Multi-bet. These require a placement with a ratio of at least 1.75. This rule is valid for an overall quota. It is not so strict. With such a ratio of the Bonus must be wagered 6 Times. Customers can implement it also, of course, different. A customer would like to prefer to play with odds between 1.30 and 1.74, then a turnover of 48 Times, alternatively, is required.
Many a customer wants to place a bet on Each Way or system bets. This is of course also possible, since it is not excluded here. The betting player must keep to the correct Bonus. Then a bet in this way is perfectly possible.
Customers are often not sure how it works in practical terms. The Bonus shows on the of Betway, how the Bonus is. Here there are separate areas for the Bonus for the ROOF and for the Bonus for the Nordic Region-and for Canada and the island-Europeans. The customer must, therefore, apply only in the correct group, check to see what the terms and conditions. Currently, the customers from the DACH Region are in group 3. The Bonus to the customer’s account is here, for example, of the free bet to other customers.
The customer should understand exactly what conditions apply and what he needs to do, then a question to the customer service is always possible and recommended. The customer has an excellent Service, although the bookmakers is actually sitting in Malta. And while there are for most of the day a German customer service. Only for a few hours in the middle of the night until 6 o’clock in the Morning of the Service is in English. The customer can thus conveniently starting at 6 o’clock in the Morning his questions in the Chat or E-Mail. A Hotline, which is not necessarily a disadvantage, since the Chat works well and is free. The help in the Chat is with registration distance and can actually be taken immediately.
Customers will enjoy an engaging environment in which the Bonus can be used. For customers, this means that there is an attractive environment for deposits and a pleasant environment. Betting players make with such a Bonus, good experience, because you have to implement it fast, but the Bonus is then with 6 implementations can be used very well. A bet on the most bets possible, and a player must not expect necessarily a bad ratio. The ratio of at least 1.75 5 is really fair.


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