Betting tip: Manchester United – FC Barcelona (first leg | 10.04.2019)

Marc-André ter Stegen plays for FC Barcelona in an outstanding season. The German Keeper is now also into the semi-finals of the Champions League? (Photo: Jose Breton – Pics / Action /
Two very big names of world football duel in this year’s quarter-finals of the Champions League: The English record Champions Manchester United encounters the FC Barcelona Superstar Lionel Messi. The first leg is next Wednesday (10. April) to 21 at the historic Old Trafford stadium in Manchester kicked off. You look at the odds of the bookmakers, as Barca is clearly the favorites. ManU creates, nevertheless, a Surprise?

That the great Manchester United in a European knock-out game, despite the home advantage, just as the outsiders in a game that it was not a long time. On Wednesday, ManU is clearly in the role of Underdogs, and if the FC Barcelona at the quarter-final first leg in the king class.
Our sports betting experts will be answering in the following ManU – Barcelona betting tip the question of whether the Spaniards are favoured to be quite so clear. We take a look at the current Form of the two Teams, look at the rates and car an exclusive forecast for the Match.
That ManU is actually in the round of last eight teams, this time a medium-sized Sensation. Because the Team of coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was eliminated in the second round against Paris Saint Germain, actually.
The first leg had lost the “Red Devils” at home with 0:2, the French Star Ensemble of the German Coach Thomas Tuchel was superior in all respects. That Manchester would have to turn the thing in the return game in Paris still seemed to be completely excluded.
But ManU made a brave appearance, was mercilessly effective, and took advantage of the mistakes of the big favorites, ice-cold. At the end of a controversial hand-it was a penalty kick from Marcus Rashford to 3:1, Manchester United in the very last Minute actually made it into the quarter-finals.
The FC Barcelona had in the second round, however, less effort. The table leaders of the Spanish La Liga came against Olympique Lyon away to a 0:0 draw, at home in the Camp Nou Barca then made short work of it and shot the French with 5:1 from the stadium.
Barcelona is behind Manchester City as the Top favorite to win the Champions League, according to Manchester United is in this duel, only to the outsider. After the Sensation against Paris, but it is also clear that you can trust ManU on a good day, all.
Shortly before Christmas it seemed as if the Champions League 2019/2020 would take place without Manchester United. The “Red Devils” had played a disastrous first half of the season, the gap to the Top4 of the table was huge. But then the ManU-bosses is an absolute stroke of luck.
Star coach José Mourinho – who had fallen out with the Fans, the media and a majority of the player – was released and instead of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as a Coach is brought in. The Norwegian was actually considered only as an interim solution until the summer, but early on it became clear that Solskjaer is the perfect choice as head coach.
Solskjaer started with an eight-game wins in a row, meanwhile, Manchester United is in the Premier League again within striking distance of the Champions League places. ManU is sixth, the gap to fourth is only two meters.
The previous coronation, however, was undoubtedly the unexpected Triumph over Paris Saint Germain in the quarter-finals of the king class. Shortly afterwards, the persons in charge of Manchester announced that Solskjaer remains on the end of the season, the coach at the Red Devils.
The Premiere before the first leg against Barcelona, however, went in the pants: On the last Tuesday of ManU suffered an unexpected 1:2 defeat at Wolverhampton Wanderers.
In the last season FC Barcelona won in Spain, the Double – and this year, it looks as if Barca would repeat this Triumph. In the domestic League, Barcelona leads the table with eleven points ahead. With seven outstanding Games should burn truly nothing more. In the Copa del Rey Barcelona in the final and is there against FC Valencia is the clear favorite.
Also in the Champions League, the team of the German national goalkeeper Marc-André ter Stegen has so far had little problems. In a quite demanding group with Inter Milan, Tottenham Hotspur and PSV Eindhoven, Barca won without a defeat as the first. In the first knockout round, Olympique Lyon was not really a challenge.
That Barca has this season, even quite realistic chances on the Triple, is Lionel Messi. The Argentine Superstar is now 31 years old, conjures up a but how to one of the best times. A few weeks ago, an incredible goal, the self, the Fans forced the opponent to awesome applause was against Betis Sevilla.
Barcelona have not lost for 16 games and it is extremely doubtful whether this series will break on Wednesday at Old Trafford. For Manchester United, the game will be a very difficult task, that’s for sure.
On the role of favorites before the first leg, no two opinions: All of the established bookmakers bet on the FC Barcelona. Who wants to bet at 22bet on an away victory for the team of coach Ernesto Valverde, can rejoice in the success case about 1,98-times of his bet.
A draw is a ratio of 3.56, and a home win of Manchester, there is 22bet the strong rate of 3.72.
ManU should be to return the game to the semi-finals to move in, that would be a fist-thick Surprise. The rate for this scenario is 22bet at 3,68.
For ManU to Reach the quarter-finals is already a success. The Team of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer can relatively play freed, the greater the pressure on Barcelona.
It is clear, however, that this Situation for Barca’s new. The team consists almost only of top international stars, the nerve should be for Barcelona on Wednesday no Problem. However, it remains the question of how much risk the favourite in the first leg will go.
Barcelona will have more possession, while ManU will have to build on a stable defence and a quick counterattack. We believe that the English can make the first leg with this tactic is relatively open.
It would be surprising if Manchester home speak a passable result: win or draw – get. Barcelona has done in the past away with a number of English Teams is often difficult, this could also be on Wednesday at Old Trafford.
Our betting tip is therefore: Double Chance for Manchester United! As a bookmaker, we recommend you to the new top-of-betting provider 22bet, the offer for this bet is a very attractive ratio of 1.89.

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