Betting tip: FC St. Pauli – HSV (10.03.2019 | Derby in the 2. Bundesliga)

He should shoot the FC St. Pauli on Sunday for the Derby win against HSV: Top-striker Alex Meier. (Photo: foto2press)
All of Hamburg is looking forward to the next Sunday (10. March): 13:30 PM kick off at Millerntor stadium, the Derby between FC St. Pauli and Hamburger SV.The duel between the two arch-rivals, the Hanseatic city is always plenty of explosiveness, but this time it is particularly exciting: Both clubs are fighting for promotion to the first League. With a win St. Pauli could back up to a point at the HSV. The Match on Sunday could be the way forward.

The sports betting experts our editorial Board have looked at the prerequisites for the Derby exactly. We give you all the current information and an Overview of the shape of the team. Finally, we truck in our St. Pauli – HSV betting tip, as always, a well-founded forecast.
So much explosive as this time was not a long time in the Derby between the Kiezclub and the HSV. Both Clubs make entitled hopes on the rise, wherein the output were very different: For the HSV, the return is 1. League of absolute obligation, the pressure is enormous.
St. Pauli should not create it, however, would not go to the world at the Millerntor. But of course, one also dreams of the FC St. Pauli of the first League, in the Kiezkicker last played in the 2010/2011 season.
For the Fans, and those responsible for the HSV’s relegation from the Bundesliga last summer, it is still considered as “accident”, and as quickly as possible, repaired. After the change of coach Christian Titz to Hannes Wolf, it seemed for a long time, as the HSV was fully on course.
Since the beginning of the second round, and after a number of point losses, the fear grows but all of a sudden, yet to be started yet.
The table guide has HSV already, to the 1. FC Köln lost. The second course is entitled still to the direct ascent, but in the rear-view mirror Union Berlin and FC St. Pauli are coming closer always. The Eleven from the Millerntor is currently in fourth place.
The first leg in the people’s Park, the stadium ended with a tired 0-0 draw. St. Pauli defended at the time, very cleverly, the HSV nothing. At the end of the HSV with the number zero were served even well.
St. Pauli came in the calendar year 2019 not off to a good start: In the first four matches the team of coach Markus Kauczinski suffered three defeats. This could be the end of the rise of dreams mean, but fortunately for the Kiezkicker, the competition was powerful springs.
Meanwhile, St. Pauli has been reported in the snail race to the rise of back – thanks to two very important victories. Against FC Ingolstadt a 1:0 managed-win at home and last weekend at the tracker in Paderborn defeated Pauli with 1:0.
The Golden goal in two Games and scored a Top striker Alex Meier, who returned to the winter break is almost sensational to St. Pauli. It is not least, the 36-year-old Meier, who considers the rise of hope in St. Pauli on the life.

If the veteran is on the court, seems to be the whole team to play a class better. The former icon of Eintracht Frankfurt scored in six Games for St. Pauli already five goals. Even now, the Fans to speculate on a contract extension – possible for the first League.
In St. Pauli, the self-confidence back. The Kiezkicker have in the Derby the home advantage and can play with significantly less pressure. This is a very difficult task for the HSV, as we define us.
The HSV-crisis atmosphere, otherwise you can’t say that. And, although on the last round with a 1:0 home win against Greuther Fürth. But the way the team occurs for weeks, causing great concern in the Association.
Captain Aaron Hunt scored against Fürth the winning goal shortly before the end – announced at the beginning of the week: “If we show on Sunday in a performance like we have against St. Pauli has no Chance.” And also coach Hannes Wolf sounded the Alarm: “We need to change something that may not happen to us again.”
Especially the HSV away last bad problems. From the last four matches on the course is unknown the Wolf Team only a single point (2:2) in Heidenheim. In Kiel (1:3), Bielefeld (0:2), and most recently in Regensburg (1:2) was always favored HSV as a loser from the lawn.
Some of the staff plagues the Trainer currently. Striker Hee-Chan Hwang had reported only just fit again, got injured against Fürth but again and falls to a minimum of four weeks. Tribe goalkeeper Julian bollard Beck was injured in front of the Fürth-Match warm-up and for Sunday is questionable.
For the HSV in the Derby against St. Pauli, could be a sticking point: can we achieve a victory that would turn the trend, and the team could March to the-awaited promotion. In the event of a defeat of the club threatens to fall apart. Then it is also tight for Coach Hannes Wolf.
Despite all the internal problems of the HSV is the betting the slight favorite for the Derby. Who is the Top bookmaker Leo Vegas on an away victory for the Wolf-Elf, can secure a rate of 2.30.
A home win for FC St. Pauli is at Leo Vegas, however, with a ratio of 3.15 to beech. For a draw, the betting provider offers the most attractive rate of 3.25.
Overall, the bookmaker does not expect to be particularly torreiches game. The odds for UNDER 2,5 goals at 1,76 (Leo Vegas).
You had break in the past few weeks, a bit of the feeling, as would the HSV on the gigantic rise of pressure. The players are insecure and their actions on the field paralyzed. The last wins (1:0 against Dresden and 1:0 against Fürth) takes a lot of luck and individual class.
In St. Pauli, the Trend goes in the other direction: The Kiezkicker have increased in the last two Games extremely. Especially on his defensive coach Markus Kauczinski can leave again.
The home advantage at the Millerntor is also not to be underestimated, the HSV will be expecting a real cauldron. St. Pauli veteran, Jan-Philipp Kalla pushed to the HSV this week, though the favorites role, but said in the Hamburg morning post: “There are many positive things that we have developed for ourselves last – and me to believe that we can win the Derby.”
The HSV has the better single player, but St. Pauli is currently the clearly better collectively. It “smells” like in the first leg after a draw. Our betting recommendation is, therefore, a Moderate bet on a draw! There are at Leo Vegas the Top rate of 3.25.

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