Betting on the Major League Soccer (MLS) 2018: All information

To be changed at the latest since Bastian Schweinsteiger in the year 2017, the Chicago Fire, in the strongest American football League, has also increased in Germany, the interest in the MLS. Even if the focus of international football Fans is still focused on the major European leagues, it is worth looking over the pond from all. For betting on the MLS amazingly lucrative opportunities. In the following post we will provide you with all the important information about the Teams, the game mode, and the characteristics of the U.S. upper house. In addition, our betting experts look to the future and give a forecast for the current season. Thus, they are well equipped to be able to on the MLS betting.
The interest of American sports fans is traditionally the “big Four”: Football, Basketball, hockey and Baseball. But already in the 1970s a first attempt was made to establish professional football in the United States. At the time, legends such as Franz Beckenbauer and Pele were there under contract. On the occasion of the football world Cup in 1994, a second attempt was started and the forerunner of today’s MLS was established.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic / betto rodrigues /
At least since 2002, when the Americans moved surprisingly into the quarter-finals of the world Cup, the national football enthusiasm a huge lift. Meanwhile, international Top switch Stars like Schweinsteiger, Kaká, David Villa or Zlatan Ibrahimović in the United States, where huge salaries are waiting for you. The increased popularity also attracts a steadily growing market for betting on the MLS.
Now you can place bets on the MLS in almost all the reputable bookmakers. Due to the increasing demand, the offer and the depth of the betting options is also growing. In the Following you will find an Overview of the best providers, the recommend of our experts due to the diversity of offers for bets on the MLS.
The British Bookie is not without reason, our test winner. In the overall comparison Betway convinced bets, especially with a superior Live-range, stable rates, and a very good customer service. In addition, new customers can benefit from one of the best bonus offers that the market currently has to offer.
Founded in 2006, is registered to the company on the Mediterranean island of Malta and has, therefore, a serious EU-license. In addition, the bookmaker is striking with intense sponsorship, first and foremost, as the main sponsor of the Premier League footballer from West Ham United. In Germany, Betway is the official betting partner of SV Werder Bremen. You can trust on our test winner for betting on the MLS!

Bet3000 is noticeable in the rates compared with the Top quotations to the Bundesliga. This is the case with the German bookmaker for betting on the MLS. Especially interesting for Live betting Fans-your real-time betting at Bet3000 tax-free!
MLS odds from Bet3000
For those who want maximum security and reliability value, is at Bet3000 to the right place. In addition to a EU-license from the Malta Gaming Authority of betting provider has a permit from the Ministry of interior in Schleswig-Holstein and is also one of the few companies that are betting for a “real” German sport license.

In the highest American game class, the performance differences between Teams are relatively high. Therefore, it is betting on the MLS is particularly useful to select a bookmaker, the strong favourites odds. The Austrian betting provider Interwetten is in this category, the absolute leader.
Also the Bookie, with headquarters in Vienna operates with an EU license from Malta, and has done well in the past with technical innovations. The sponsorship is in addition to local sports, the TSG unite supports 1899 Hoffenheim in the Bundesliga.

In the highest class of North America 23 teams in the current season on gate. Of these, 20 come from the United States and three from Canada. In contrast to European leagues, the Teams spread over 2 divisions, the Eastern and the Western Conference. The MLS follows the popular in the US System, as it also is in the Basketball usual.
Major League Soccer (MLS) Teams
For the future, the entry of three additional Teams is planned. Starting the season 2019/20 FC Cincinnati will go to the Start. In the year to get involved with a Miami MLS Team again, a Team from the southern metropolis of Florida, after the Miami Fusion in 2001, after just three seasons of MLS. Still no concrete date for the start of the Nashville MLS Team. Other former Teams, Tampa Bay Mutiny (1996 to 2001) and CD Chivas USA (2005 to 2014).
The season in the MLS runs from March to December and begins with the Regular Season. In this best Teams to ride all 34 games, including 17 home and 17 away matches. The division into Eastern and Western Conference has the following effects on the game plan. Within the Conference, each Team has in each case a return game against all other Teams. To play a game against each team in the other Conference. The remaining games will be determined via a lottery, so that every Team comes to play at the end of 34 games, and a balanced ratio of home and away.
Bastian Schweinsteiger (31) at Chicago Fire / lev radin /
A further feature of the MLS, the Play of the championship, the MLS Cup. Similar to other popular US sports, this is done initially in a qualification for the Playoffs. The best six Teams from the East and the West automatically qualify for the Playoffs and compete in four rounds (Knockout Round, Conference Semifinals, Conference Finals and Playoff Finals) against each other. Both in the semi-finals as well as in the final game, instead of find – and-return.
A big advantage when betting on the MLS is that the games run by the time shift to the United States in this country in the night. So it is not in their betting activities on European leagues in time to Overlap. The importance of a thorough preparation for, and engagement with current sports news for Major League Soccer. For a really in-depth discussion of the League and to Research background information, you should be in the best case, the English language, in order to pursue the American media. In Germany, the level of coverage of the MLS is currently not very high.
Toronto FC lev radin /
A glance at the statistics shows a clear image: Clear favorites to dominate over a number of years, there is not in the strongest American League. In the last five seasons, a different Team won each Time in the championship. In addition, the Teams don’t hold their shape. A good example of this is the current defending champion Toronto FC, which currently ranks a distant 9th place in the Eastern Conference. The old rule that in the Playoffs, a wide range of sports, everything can happen, also applies to the MLS. Apart from last year, in the Toronto FC in the Regular Season, won, managed to do so, none of the last five Playoff winner. Long-term – or favorites-bets are also associated in the Major League Soccer with a higher risk, but also better quoted.
A clear favourite for betting on the MLS to determine, compared to the European Top-leagues easily. The betting experts, our editorial staff are, nevertheless, agree and put in this season at Atlanta United FC. The only in the last year in the MLS runners club occupied from the beginning that you followed in Atlanta a good concept. Instead of relying on expensive foreigners, is worked sustainably and players are obliged to stand still in front of your Zenith. This is also the third-youngest squad in the League.
Already in the Debut season, the Playoffs were reached, in this year of big success can be achieved. Currently, the Team of coach Gerardo Martino is 48 points ahead of the New York Red Bulls at the top of the Eastern Conference. Not a little part of this success, the German Julian Gressel. The goal-scoring midfielder, was selected last year for the “Rookie of the Year” and it shows in the current season in Top Form. In Atlanta, you will love the German, “gressel mania” referred to the enthusiasm for the 24-year-old is flared. We believe, Atlanta United FC will win the MLS Cup this year.

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