Betting on the formula 1: All the information, tips & odds (season 2018)

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The fascination for formula 1 continues unabated: Worldwide, millions of people see the fight for the world championship in the Premier class of Motorsport. And also for betting friends of the famous race circuit is a great opportunity, your passion and your Knowledge into cash. We give you an Overview of the most important information, tips and betting options about the current formula 1 season.

Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel, Nico Rosberg: The history of formula 1 in the past 25 years, also a German success story. This is also why the prominent racing series in German Motorsport fans remains the highest priority. And also also the bets on the formula 1 has increased in the past few years. The bookmakers offer more betting options for each race: If betting on the exact rankings, Head-to-Head ‘ betting between two drivers, betting on the starting lineup or the fact that a certain driver fails prior to the last round.

As usual, a total of ten Teams will fight in 20 cars to the two titles given in formula 1: The drivers champion and the constructors ‘ world champion. However, the new owner of the race series – Liberty Media has introduced a few Changes. While in the past, Qualifying and the race always 14 PM local time took place, have been moved both start times now at 15:10. And also the scantily clad girls with the signs, the driver numbers are gone from the track. In times of “MeToo”-debate Liberty Media no longer held the boxes girls is acceptable, they were replaced by children and young people.
In the regulations has not changed much. The cockpit protection “Halo” was introduced to the season of 2018, the security of the driver is to be increased in addition. And then there are brand is currently the “Hypersoft” – this is a new tire from Pirelli, the Teams, especially at the city courses, such as in Monaco.

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The race calendar every year, some Changes, even if not with the Tradition will be broken, that the first race of the season in Australia and the last Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi. In the year 2018, the Grand Prix of Germany is also in Hockenheim – whether this will be in 2019, the case is still unclear. Liberty Media is in negotiations with track operators, but stressed many times before, the importance of a Grand Prix on German soil for the future of formula 1.
In the formula 1 betting, there is, depending on the bookmaker, a whole range of different betting. The most bets placed are likely to be the winner of a given race. But also bet on the Pole Position (winners of the qualifying sessions) or long-term bets on the drivers and the constructors ‘ world champion are very popular. Some bookmakers have even bet on the exact winning time in the program. A classic is also the bet on the number of cars that reach the end of the target.
These are the main betting markets at a Glance:
In the past few years, the Briton Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) and German Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) delivered always in a tight duel for the crown in the formula 1, this is also 2018. Hamilton was already ahead of the season the favorite, meanwhile, the odds for a world title for the Brits are about 1.40 to 1.50. In the constructors ‘ standings, Mercedes has brought in since the year 2014 the title. The silver arrows are retract-to-date on the best ways to the fifth world Cup Triumph in a row.
Of course, there is no way to “king of football passes with virtually all bookmakers”, closely followed by Tennis. Behind types, such as ice hockey and Basketball determine a sport is usually a betting range of most of the Bookies on race weekends, the formula 1 mixed in here, however, is strong. Not only are the British betting providers, in which Motorsport is traditionally very important to have a race of several hundred individual bets in the Portfolio. German bookmaker as Bet3000,, betvictor or Tipico Shine with a diverse range of betting options on formula 1.
Below we have listed for you five of the best betting operators for formula 1 betting.

Further providers can be found in our provider comparison.
In formula 1 there is, as already mentioned, a whole series of single and long-term bets offered by the bookies. The bookies offered odds for betting friends are extremely interesting. In comparison to traditional ball sports like football, Tennis or Basketball, the odds for the formula 1 are significantly higher. The reason is obvious: A Motorsport race offers significantly more uncertainties than, for example, a football game. It can always come to a technical fault or breakdown during a pit stop, even a small driving mistake can affect the outcome of a race is already solid. Therefore, the odds even are in front of a race for the absolute Top-favourites – for example, Lewis Hamilton is often in excess of 2.0 or even 3.0.
Compared with the favorite odds for football, Tennis, hockey or Handball, this is already very remarkable. If you want to put on a race weekend on the favorites, then it is of course advisable to do this prior to the Qualifying session or even before the first official training Sessions. Because the favorite its role should be and the poles conquer the Position, the victory ratio for the said driver, of course, a whole piece.
Most of the long-term bets on the formula 1 turn around three markets: The most popular bets on the next Champion. To bet before or during the season, which driver will be at the end of the nose in the front and the champion of the world. Similarly, betting on the Team to get the constructors ‘ title. However, Mercedes was in the past years, so dominant, that the quotas arrows on a constructors ‘ championship, the silver hardly worth it. Since you could risk a few euros on a Ferrari. The third, also a very popular Option is a long-time H2H. The bookmaker, find in each case, two drivers (often the team-mates from the same team) and you bets now on which of the two will have in the world Cup standings at the end of more points. An example of a bet would be that German Nico Hulkenberg ends up at the end of the season in front of his Renault colleague Carlos Sainz. These bets are, as already mentioned before the start of the season is possible, but often also between the two races can be made long-term bets. The bookmakers take into account the previous course of the season and the respective odds will be adjusted accordingly.
To bet successfully on the formula 1, at least with the basic rules of racing, familiar. Before you set to the winner of the qualifying, you should know how many are to be completed through courses. Our tip: Always the weather to keep an eye on. A sudden rain can mix up the complete Qualifying or the race. You should also deal a little with the stretch. So the course is in Monaco, for example, is known for the fact that he offers very few overtaking opportunities. The Top favorite is in the Pole Position, is a Start-to-finish victory very likely. Also, the characteristics of the drivers and Teams, you should search. While Sebastian Vettel is regarded rather as a prudent driver, the a few errors occur, the Youngster Max Verstappen a bit of a hothead who is always full of risk. And who hopes to be a technical Defect in the case of Mercedes, is likely to wait for a long time: The silver arrows were in the past years, almost shockingly reliable. Anyone who invests a bit of time, can achieve betting on the formula 1 considerable profits – for the exceptionally high rates of worry.

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