Bet365 experiences | sports betting provider in the Test of 2019

The British bookmaker bet365 is betting a real Institution in the world of sports. Millions of customers around the world appreciate the extremely wide range and the lucrative odds. Comparison portals praise regularly the convincing overall package, which should have virtually no weaknesses. Since my last detailed bet365 experience a while back is report, I would like to take the opportunity to make me a current picture. Bet365 up to its good reputation still? Especially in view of the growing competition, a very exciting question. To answer you, I will all the relevant aspects, such as range of betting options, odds, Bonus, Deposit and withdrawal options, customer service, as well as important security features under the microscope.
In order to convey a realistic impression, not be ranked in the Following, only mere facts to each other. Instead, I describe my personal bet365 experience from the user perspective. Therefore, note that all the statements made in the spring of my subjective Feelings and no claim to General validity have anticipated. Information about the offer of the bookmaker relating to the time, created this test report (Stand: 19. February 2019) and are, thus, may be applicable. All information are non-binding and without guarantee.

The most important feature of a good betting provider? Properly, a good betting offer! Even if it may sound banal, it is a truism to say that in some companies, still. My first glance is always the betting Portfolio, and it has at bet365. Clearly in the left side of the page arranged, first, an alphabetical listing of nearly 30 disciplines. From American Football to Greyhound, I was able to make the race, here are all the sports that are in the favor of the betting Fans traditionally at the very top.
However, this is not yet everything, because some of the terms reveal further sub-categories. The area of Motorsport contained during my Tests, for example, individual menus for the formula 1, Nascar, motorcycles and super sports cars. Special bets are according to the countries in which the political event or the award ceremony, respectively. And then the beautiful area of “Other sports”. Anyone who has a soft spot for so-called exotics, is here definitely find. The Whole is rounded off by the inevitable divisions of eSports and Virtual sports. Both is not really my case, the choices are considerable.

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So we come to the actual thickness of bet365. Quite apart from the more than 40 sports and betting-disciplines in the test period, is what is behind it, much more impressive. The attempt to describe the dimensions of the offer, even approximately, would be beyond the here provided framework. I could spend hours going through the menus and to discover previously unknown betting options. What I like also very much, is types of the appropriate division according to different priorities in the various sports and disciplines. Despite the seemingly endless supply, for example, in football, you find yourself here intuitive. So competitions, Nations, and markets are highlighted from each other and can be easily and directly selected.
*The terms and conditions of bet365. 18+. Gambling can be addictive (the help is there You play responsibly.

To make it short: bet365 has the to the porridge to keep most betting offer in the industry. This is true not only for the popular sports, especially football, Tennis, ice hockey and Basketball, but it applies to almost all disciplines. If you don’t find here what he seeks, it will likely be the middle of nowhere. There is an exception. During my bet365 experiences no horse bets were available. Anyone who deals seriously with tips on the four-legged friend, you will probably prefer anyway a specialist provider, such as Racebets.

Example for Champions League betting at bet365 (Screenshot from the 19.02.2019)
Finally, I would like to look closer on the betting offer in the area of football, as here, by far the largest in demand dimensions. Logically, the round leather is also represented at bet365 are particularly strong. All important international competitions and Top leagues of course. As an example of the depth of the portfolio, the king is class best. A little over 150 individual options per Champions League game (in the Test: Liverpool against Bayern at the 19.02.19) is not a bad value.
Bookmaker such as 888sport, or 22bet offer more, but I do still wonder, who really needs it. Personally, the classic formats such as a 3-off for me-way bet, Over/Under, Handicap, Double Chance and goal bets. The include bet365, of course, to the Standard and can be placed on areas all around the globe. During my Tests, a large number of youth were also some women’s competitions available. If you like it a really exotic, you can, among Other things, on Matches in the 2. League of Senegal, or the ladies Cup in Algeria, betting. In German football, it goes down to the third League.
As a big Fan of live betting, the services in this category are particularly important to me. Nothing is more annoying than a screen to stare at, indicating a one-digit number of boring Events. Exactly in this Moment you can place bets that are bound to Fail, just because nothing else is available. Such a Situation is at bet365 absolutely unthinkable. My very positive experience in terms of betting offer has been exceeded in the Live area. Me is not a bookmaker it is known, holds such a gigantic selection of real-time betting ready. The outstanding Pre-Match Portfolio seems to be in here, just continue on.

Live mode (Screenshot from the 19.02.2019) betting at bet365 in the Overview
Naturally, the offer time – of-day and season-dependent, obviously, but there are no fundamental limitations in terms of sports. On a Tuesday afternoon in mid-February I was able to conclude, for example, bets on football, Tennis, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, eSports, football, Snooker, table tennis, Volleyball and Greyhound racing live. You click on one of the categories, the difference to the competition immediately. Instead of having the choice between a few options, you must scroll not rare by lists! The full extent, I have realized, however, only in the calendar view. During my Tests I came across several hundred Live Events per day! It should not go unmentioned that, for example, for a game of the UEFA youth League (Dinamo Zagreb U19 vs. Lokomotiv Moscow U19 / 19.02.2019) change layer 113 of the single bets are available.

Bet In real time and the Event in parallel via Livestream track – bet365 makes it possible (Screenshot from the 19.02.2019)
The Clarity of the Live cockpit could be better in my opinion. Once you are displayed selects an Event Central basic information about the course of the game. All of its betting options are listed, as usual, including. For me the absolute Highlight: live streams in Abundance, which highlight the real-time experience to a whole new Level. My rough estimate is that this Option was offered in the trial period for more than half of all live bets. Such a bandwidth I’ve ever experienced anywhere else. As a prerequisite, an account balance of at least 10 euros, or alternatively, a bet in the 24 hours prior to the respective Stream at the beginning is by the way.
My bet365 experiences show that the General quota level of the provider are considered to be very attractive. The payment key is according to my calculations, at an average of 94 to 95 percent, which means that bet365 is located in the upper third of the competition. It is noticeable also that the values are very stable, so you can go out as a user of a consistently good odds. Depending on the games, and tips is, the key may even be at 96 percent. Especially in the case of less popular Games and leagues, the odds of experience to settle a bit lower – it depends on your choice, therefore, a comparison between each of the bookies in any case, a good idea. Overall, you can expect, especially in the Top leagues very good odds by bet365.
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In the bet365-test phase, I found in addition to relatively strong rates in the case of underdog bets. Thus, the bookmaker is a real recommendation for tips on Underdogs. I have looked at, of course, the rates-adjustments in the area of Live betting closer and can draw a positive conclusion. Very interesting: in the past There were certain situations in which bet365, apparently, almost entirely to its own profit has waived, for example, in the case of large events such as the football world Cup. Whether such a case is repeated of course in the stars. It’s worth it, but definitely keep your eyes open. Under certain circumstances, bet365 will push their own rates on special Events again in the height and therefore the payment key keys are almost 100 % locate. The profit margin is neglected in favor of advertising effectiveness and new customer acquisition.
No matter in which direction the money should go: to Me personally is very important that a bookmaker is offering the same multiple used by me for payment options. Should be a fail or not covered, may I respond always in the short term. My bet365 experiences are also in this point, absolutely positive. The following methods were in the trial period for German users at the virtual checkout available:
Such extensive choice can offer, the least of all bookmakers. Here really should be something for everyone. Personally, I use for deposits primarily on the eWallet, PayPal, Sofortüberweisung (via Klarna), and credit cards. Very interesting, I find that bet365 betting as one of the first sports provider for customers in Germany only just started paying Option Apple Pay offers. The fat selected methods can each be used for a payout. In my choice of bookmaker, I pay attention, by the way, in principle, to the fact that, as with bet365, all of the payments will generally be processed free of charge. Everything else I find, frankly, quite brazen and not.

Details of the withdrawal options at bet365 (as of: 19.02.19)
These possibilities you have for bet365 to payout of the funds (Screenshot from the 19.02.2019)
The money, apart from Bank Transfer (1-3 working days), conventional Bank transfer (2-10 business days), as well as Bank and private cheques (5-28 days) in all cases, immediately on the betting account. Payments go the fastest is via Neteller (within 12 hours), PayPal, Skrill and paysafecard (within 24 hours).
*The terms and conditions of bet365. 18+. Gambling can be addictive (the help is there You play responsibly.

The minimum Deposit amounts start at 5 Euro (paysafecard, VISA /Mastercard, Skrill, Skrill 1-tap, Apple Pay, Klarna by Skrill and Bank Transfer) or 10 euros (Bank transfer immediately via Klarna, entropay, Giropay by Skrill, online bank transfer by Skrill). PayPal and Neteller is 15 Euro. Bank and personal cheques (from 150 Euro), as well as traditional Bank transfers (from 200 euros) is already a significant investment. To the top amounts of between 1,000 Euro (paysafecard) and 150,000 euros (Bank transfers) are in a Deposit. All essential Details on payment, please refer to the image above.
Even the best bookmaker can occur from time to time clarification is needed. In this case, I wish me as a customer fast and professional help – ideally from a German-speaking staff. bet365 makes in terms of Service, in my opinion, everything right, because here all possible channels are open to really to contact. So you can formulate your concerns via Live Chat, Email, news story, telephone or by post. Before you take this step, however, I recommend a look in the very helpful FAQ-menu of the bookmaker. A lot of my questions, I was able to answer me.

These ways of contact you have with bet365 (Screenshot from the 19.02.2019).
Do you want a personal conversation, you should only use the toll-free 00800 number. The second Option is connected on the basis of the British code, under certain circumstances, with high costs. I use in the case of the Case, preferably the Live Chat. and I have made consistently positive bet365 experience. So my requests in the test period were answered always quickly and to the full satisfaction. In less urgent cases, or for the Transmission of documents by e-Mail to [email protected] offers, of course.
I watch again and again, as new suppliers try out in terms of Design, completely new concepts and therefore usually fail. I think it is in contrast with the old Athletes adage “Never change a winning team” and prefer to bet the classic and best sports Layout. A successful example of this is the of bet365. On the left of the sleek sports-the Menu button in the top right of the betting slip features and located in the middle of the screen I get directly to the Top Events presented, sensibly divided into live betting and upcoming Highlights. All filter functions are very well thought out, which, in view of the huge betting offer a Mature performance. What I would wish for as an improvement, however, would be a fixed betting slip that remains when Scrolling through the menu is always in the field of view.

Well, the appearance of the bet365 (Screenshot from the 20.02.2019) structured and very clearly –
My bet365 experience during the testing period were consistently positive. The page set-up is lightning-fast. Annoying long load times or failures of individual functions occurred with me at any time. Through the successful structure of outstanding Clarity is achieved, I think. In terms of Aesthetics, one can argue, of course. At first glance, the Whole thing seems a bit in the years. Maybe could do with some subtle fresh Look to interventions, without the backbone to intervene. In the end, that for me, but plays only a minor role. User-friendliness and Performance should be in the foreground, and the bet365 is clearly not the case.
Anyone who has as I placed happy on-the-go betting with this provider all the cards in the Hand. Users of iOS and Android can download the in-house bet365 App easily and for free, of course. All the features of the Desktop version are available with the Smartphone or Tablet. In the Test I was particularly thrilled that this is the case also for the huge Livestream. The Usability is in my eyes very well. Who would like to have no book-maker-Software on your device, you can access the bet365 page, alternatively, via the built-in Browser, wherein the representation adapts automatically to the respective model. However, I recommend the Download of the more sophisticated App, because with this variant, you have one of the best Online sportsbooks at any time.
Who placed in the Internet sports betting, the provider is automatically a certain amount of trust. Finally, considerable money can be used in amounts of sensitive data. If one is to deal with it properly and as a serious to be classified in a number of different characteristics to be assessed. I pay attention first of all on whether the legal conditions are given. In the case of bet365, everything is in the green area.
The bookmaker operates under an EU license from the Malta Gaming Authority, which is for very strict requirements to be known. In addition, I am interested in the Details of the company that is in the Background responsible. Such information, however, are often not easily accessible and can be difficult to verify. When industry giants like bet365, the thing looks a little different. Already, the Wikipedia entry provides impressive Figures, not smothered all doubts in the Bud, so that it is a reputable group. Also, the fact that bet365 is already for almost 20 years, I’m positive.

If the betting is no fun anymore, you can respond at bet365 useful (Screenshot from the 20.02.2019)
In addition, the provider scores in my opinion, through his very extensive customer service as well as exemplary activities in the area of game protection. The collaboration with several institutions in the area of addiction aid, I noticed in the Test, such as Gambling Therapy or Gamblers Anonymous. In a separate area will be notified on the in detail to this topic. bet365 allows each player to take precautions, by self-imposed Deposit limits will be set. The loss of control, threatens to be a temporary break, as well as in the last instance, the self-locking is also possible. This proves that bet365 takes its responsibilities very seriously.

*The terms and conditions of bet365. 18+. Gambling can be addictive (the help is there Always play responsibly and choose your bets Wisely.
Since I have my residence in Germany, for me every bookmaker is always the question of how he holds it with the betting tax. During my bet365 experience in the test period, the since 2012 from the statutory levy has been credited to my account on the gross profit. The following bet, I have selected as an example to illustrate:

In contrast to the deduction from the bet – also a common model – it is slightly in advantage. If a bet is cancelled, you get the full amount refunded, and the tax is not withheld. The legally binding share assumes, in such cases, bet365. Especially in Tennis, it is not uncommon that players give up prematurely. Betting Fans, who are often in this sport on the road, are thus made comparatively better than that of deduction from bets.
In addition to the sport I had to bet always had a penchant for Roulette, however, quite classic in the casino. With the advent of the first Live deals on the Internet, this variant was, for me, is becoming increasingly interesting. Therefore, I have detailed looked at me, of course, the bet365 Casino. If you consider that the entry into this sector significant

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