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Bet3000 was developed and founded in 2009, has bets, however, within a few years, the German market leader in the sports scene. Due to this fact of the simple fact that behind the Label of “Bet3000” decades of bookmaker-is competence.
The new customers join Bet3000, of course, with a welcome bonus, we want to dedicate ourselves to the following very detailed. Let’s go for the beginners with a 100%Bet3000 Bonus of up to 150 euros. What conditions must be met before the redemption? We can be the new customer bonus is exactly to activate it? The Bonus Bet3000 is cashable and what are the sales conditions that must be satisfied in advance? All of these questions, we answer them in a detailed test report.
It would be in practice, however, is not properly a online to rate the bookmaker solely on the basis of the welcome offer. Therefore, we have the Bonus Test more Bet3000 experiences. You will receive all of the essential Details of the betting offer, to quotas, to the German sports betting tax, to the and withdrawals, as well as customer support.
The betting offer from Bet3000 to speak in front of all the customers in the Central European region. This means that the king of football, the clear dominant of the sports, without If and But. Bet3000 is a world on the Ball, where the domestic leagues are of course a particular focus, in the first place in the Bundesliga. In Germany, the betting range extends down to the fifth-rate Amateur upper League. Basically, the bookmaker has in each country a minimum of three or four leagues and competitions on the screen. On the international matches, on top of the Champions or the Europa League, and the countries of the national teams games can also be wagered. Almost unique is that the women’s football is given a separate, comprehensive section.
The number “Two” in the Ranking of the disciplines of Tennis. Wettbar all the matches of the ATP and the WTA series, the Grand Slam events stand out. The end of the flag pole is not reached but yet, on the contrary. The under-class Challenger and ITF Future tournaments will not be neglected. A complete betting offer you will find at Bet3000 also in ice hockey, football, Basketball, Baseball, American Football, or Volleyball. Overall, the German bookmaker manages to it up to about 17 to 20 different sports in the daily average. Thus, Bet3000 is back in the width, although significantly behind the market leaders, but covers the most important Mainstream completely. Who wants to challenge his luck in the edge of disciplines, and can select, for example, between water ball, Pesäpallo or Beach Volleyball.
In the depth of the betting options, the Online provider also belongs to the Top bookmakers. Bet3000 is limited at this point to the most important Side-deals. The most popular options like Double Chance, different Handicap variants, goals Over/Under tips, halftime/fulltime bets, or the Precise result, but of course, in the betting offer.
Your bets at Bet3000 you can place on all well-known types of betting, say, on single, multi and system bets. You can change the betting slip effortlessly between the different variants. It is positive that the possible System versions be displayed clearly. The profit limit at the bookmaker was increased a few months ago, at 250,000 euros per betting slip. The threshold is the same as a weeks-for-profit limit per player.
Bet3000 betting offer summarized:
The Parade-discipline of the bookmaker are the odds. Bet3000 is in Central Europe at this point in the Test, the clear number One, and this at a considerable distance. The German bookmaker succeeds even once in a while, to Shine on all three outcome probabilities of a football game with the highest offer on the market – almost an absurdity. This is evidenced by the amount of the odds, but at the same time an indication that the provider quoted a very well-balanced. There is no preference given to favourites or outsiders. Each odds is valuable.
Bet3000 with Top odds / example: 2018 world Cup odds
The average rate of the key of the supplier is 95 percent. In the case of a very major sports events, in particular the king of football’, but is still significantly higher. Mathematical payout approaches in the Top-encounters of over 98 percent are not uncommon, but rather the rule. It is worth noting, moreover, that the quotations fall in the part-disciplines is only marginally. Also in the case of more minor betting Bet3000 is fighting in the odds comparison at the top. The fluctuations are short before the start of the game low. The stability of the betting odds shows that sports betting real professionals.
Bet3000 odds grouped:
Following we have compiled all the relevant facts to the Bet3000 Bonus clearly.
You want to redeem the maximum bonus of Bet3000? Then you have to follow our following Step-by-Step instructions:
The most important question is of course – As becomes the Bonus as risk free in real money? Your goal should be during the free phase of the game, to keep the start-up capital in the balance. If this succeeds, you have at the end of the Rollover time is already a net profit of 100 Euro. Following our tips for Bet3000 Bonus-rolls:
The Bet3000 Bonus to 2018 is a classic 100%match bonus. This means that the Deposit amount the customer will be doubled, up to the maximum sum of 150 Euro. As a minimum payment to the cashier qualifications are required ornamental ten euros. Those who choose the smallest amount it receives from the betting operators ten Euro and can place their bets immediately in the amount of 20 Euro. Those who want to exploit the maximum Bet3000 Bonus, provides a contribution of 150 Euro, receives 150 Euro, and in connection with a stable Bankroll of 300 Euro. As a special feature, Bet3000 offers a 20% refund of lost bets. The promotion periods run each month, and have been extended again and again.

The current Bet3000 bonus offer
Special limitations or pitfalls of the cash in the initial Deposit are not observed. All of the available transfer methods are the rewards relevant. The Deposit always leads to the desired, additional betting capital. A classic Bet3000 Bonus Code must be entered at the time of activation. The activation or rejection of the new customer bonus during the first transfer with one click.
The Bet3000 Bonus cannot be withdrawn immediately. Pre-sales conditions must be met. Basically, the bonus can be total however, free own money to convert and pay out. The betting provider requires a one-time Rollover of the Deposit amount, as well as a five-time Rollover of the bonus amount before for the first time, indemnify to the checkout paced. We want to present to you this rule is transparent at the lowest and highest Bet3000 Bonus:
Low Bet3000 Bonus:
The Highest Bet3000 Bonus:
The free-to-play from the betting bonus tips to be credited which has a minimum odds of 2.0. The requirement applies to single bets and in the whole, for Combi-tips. It is important that the slips cannot be prematurely settled on the Cash-Out function. This is done in the betting-tip does not contribute to the achievement of the sales conditions. Unfair betting is of course also prohibited. Who wants to bet multiple results probabilities of a match, just to fulfill the bonus terms must expect that the new customer bonus is removed from the account.
The entire sales targets are met within 45 days. After the expiry of the period of the Bonus and the winnings will be automatically removed from the player’s account.
Each new player is allowed to take the Bet3000 betting bonus once. The internal assignment of the User is based on the Person, the budget, the Payment process, as well as the IP address. The new customer offer is only valid for customers who have their main residence in Germany or in Austria.
The Bet3000 Bonus is of course only half the battle. It is equally important that the German bookmaker forget the regular customers. The selection here is certainly one of the very attractive Cashback offer, with the Bet3000 stand out from the Majority of competitors in the market. A week all the gains and losses of a player are added together. The User is in the negative, with 20 percent of the lost sum, as a Cashback return.

Now at Bet3000 great 20% Cashback on sports betting and Casino.
Furthermore, the bookmaker works with profit and tip play. Free also at regular intervals – most of the time to sporting events bets, of course – at the Start. The fact is, who can earn as a regular customer checked in at Bet3000 the action page in regular intervals, a permanent display of the one or other Euro. Furthermore, you should delete the Newsletter of the bookmaker never unread. Not infrequently, a very special, exclusive Bet3000 Bonus Code is hidden.
Bet3000 special actions summarized:
Essential for the assessment of the betting odds the calculation of the sport is from the German point of view, of course betting tax. Since July 2012, all of the reputable online providers in Germany, five percent are required to send your sales directly to the tax office. The Majority of the bookmaker gives the load by means of a lump-sum deduction from the Bruttogew winn to the customers.
Bet3000 has chosen a different path that deserves respect and as customer-friendly. Basically, the betting provider implements the statutory requirement only once, in compliance with the law. This means that each time you tip the betting tax has to be paid and is included in the game amount. This leads to the following settlement results, for example:
This rule only applies to single bets as well as for 2 – and 3 Combi-tips in the Pre-Match sector. Who are at least four betting selections on a betting slip together, is generally tax-free. In the connection it doesn’t matter whether the bet wins sham or loses. The payment is made “gross = net”. Furthermore, all of the Live betting of the betting are generally expensive in this country be exempt. The evaluation of the betting-Tickets looks like the following:
The sports betting tax is, of course, a German specialty. The customers who have their residence in another country, to pay generally, no special levy.
Bet3000 betting combined tax:
To the positive development of the bookmaker in the past months, undoubtedly is the implantation of the Cash-Out function. This means that you can sell to your betting slip prematurely. The online bookmaker is not required, however, this Option for each bet. According to our Bet3000 experience the Cash-Out offer, but for all the relevant sports events are available. You can be single and Combi-bets to quit prematurely.
The Bet3000 Cashout has two major advantages. On the one hand, you can skim off your profits in advance, on the other hand, you can minimize your loss and a part of their game total save. Who dosed, and be smart with the Cash-Out works, can bet on his own sport strategy even more valuable feet.
It is worth noting that, in the meantime, even part-Cashout settlements are possible. That is to say, place itself is fixed with the amount of the buy-back. With the rest of the remaining sum of the original bet is played. Where can you find the Cash-Out offers? In the players Lounge your betting slip history and the open, unbilled tips. A Cash-Out offer is for a Ticket, the system will display this clearly. You can accept the offer with one click. The amount of the withdrawal is immediately on the betting account, for Re-use.
Bet3000 Cashout summarized:
A big jump to the top of the bookmakers in the sports betting made comparison of providers in the section of the live betting. Bet3000 is clearly trying to transfer the Pre-Match offer as 1:1 in the Live-sector, where this is possible. The list of disciplines is, of course, also be in real time from soccer, Tennis and ice hockey. The positive is that Bet3000 In-Play leagues, the Amateur and the Young will not forget. Rounding out the Mainstream Live offer, for example, from Rugby, Beach Volleyball, table tennis, water Polo or Baseball. Who sets his tips when betting live, with high and stable odds. The rate key is consistently well above the 90% mark.

Brand new and very successful Live Animation of the game’s action
2017 Bet3000 had launched a free in-house channel that primarily appealed to the football and the Tennis Fans. Live Broadcasts there were, for example, from the Spanish LaLiga, or from the French Ligue 1. Unfortunately, the Bet3000-live stream was on 1. January 2019 set. To see whether or not it will be again in the foreseeable future possible encounters from Real Madrid, FC Barcelona or Paris St Germain, as well as high profile ATP and WTA tournaments, free of charge, will show the future.
Bet3000 betting live is summarized:

The most important point in the Bet3000 Test: All deposits and withdrawals fees are handled. The transfer offer itself appears at first glance not very extensive, but is expected to provide for each User the appropriate Bezahlweg. The Top method is without question PayPal. The cooperation with the American financial companies also shows that Bet3000 is reputable and secure. PayPal works only with selected sports betting providers in the Internet. As an Alternative, the e-Wallet can be used by Skrill. Of course, you can make a Deposit with Bet3000 the usual way, via Bank transfer. Note, however, that the credit may take on the account then one or two working days. Those who want to speed up the Bank Transfer, you can use the Klarna Immediately System. At checkout, the credit cards of Visa and MasterCard, including any debit versions will be recognized, of course. For smaller deposits, Prepaid-Codes of the Paysafecard are very well suited.
The payouts are made according to our experience with Bet3000 very fast and reliable. The internal processing time of the withdrawal requests usually takes only 24 hours. Within this time window, the credits are for the benefit of the e-Wallets, that is to say via PayPal or Skrill. Who is requesting his winnings in the Bank or in favor of a credit card, you must usually schedule a total processing period of two or three working days. Basically, Bet3000 adheres to the rules of the closed cash cycle, this means the payment is made on the Einzahlungsweg insofar as is technically possible. As an Alternative, the Bank payout is always open. You should know that the recipient’s account, regardless of the payment method must be on the Name of the player. Profit instructions for the benefit of third persons are generally prohibited, even in the family or circle of friends.
Bet3000 payments:
You have read in a Bet3000 experience that the bookmakers has denied the payment? Then, it usually has a very simple, obvious reason. Bet3000 is also working on this point very seriously, and adheres to all licensing requirements. This means that each player has to go through before the first profit withdrawal the identity check. Are to be submitted to the so-called KYC documents, consisting of a picture ID (identity card, passport, driving licence) and a recent address certificate (official Letter, utility bill). This information will be compared with the login data of the User. This is exactly why it is extremely important that the registration is free of careless errors to creep in. There are variations, this can lead to a number of problems.
Under certain circumstances the bookmaker may order more documents, follow-up, such as, for example, the copy of the credit card or account statement. We recommend you to start in principle, the legitimacy check directly to the registry. Should there be any problems, these can be up to the first payout, which is not yet clarified. You avoid unnecessary waiting times for your first profit requirement. You store your documents in the game lounge, or send it in an Email to customer support.
Bet3000 legitimacy check summarized:
The most important point in the Bet3000 Test is of course safety. As mentioned above, catching sight of the betting providers in 2009, in the light of the world. Behind the Label is, however, with Simon Springer, the light shape of the German book-maker-scene. The Munich-based business man is already since the end of the 70s years in the industry. His reputation has bets Springer, with its horse-drawn up Offered. Later, he has zugewandet the quoting of other Sport Events. Simon Springer is also regarded as an Investor and Sponsor of the young Start-Up companies in the betting industry. The “old hare” is also the owner of his own racing team in France. With his horses Springer week is for week in high-profile horse race at the Start.
Legally, the Label “Bet3000 is operated” by the Springer sports Ltd, based and licensed in Malta. The approval of the country is already sufficient, in order to verify the reliability. The EU approval ensures also, of course, the legal relationship of the German sports weather. In addition, Bet3000 has a few regional licenses, for example, the Ministry of the interior in Schleswig-Holstein. The Online bookmaker is also one of the selected firms, the betting in Germany, for the award of a “real German” sport license. This is exactly why Bet3000 betting, for example, in Germany, the complete offer on the sport limited. Abroad, the User can challenge your luck in parallel in the connected Online Casino. The Springer sports Ltd. signed at the same time for the horse-betting provider “oneXtwo” responsible.
Another key indicator of safety is the seal of approval from TÜV Rheinland. Great value Bet3000 shall, on the protection of privacy. The sensitive customer information is transmitted by means of a protected EV-SSL encryption. The 2048-bit certificate to prevent Phishing attacks. You can access your data from unauthorized third persons can be excluded with a probability bordering on certainty. The bookmakers, of course, meets in addition, all rules for game protection, in particular in Saxony, the prevention of a possible risk of addiction.
The TÜV-certification of Bet3000
Don’t forget, we don’t want Bet3000 is only online at work, but at the same time in Germany, there are numerous walk-in betting offices, mostly on a Franchise Basis. This presence creates for the Online business, of course, at the same time a corresponding vote of confidence.
Bet3000 security:
Wants to be a bookmaker in the sports provider Vergleic bets

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