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Not Bet-at-Home only belongs in Germany to the most popular Online betting providers. There are many reasons. The book-maker, for example, offers a versatile range of betting markets, as well as an extensive live betting sector. Off the Bet-at-Home sports betting, there is a comprehensive promotional program, as well as professional procedures from application to payout. If you look at the betting offer of this bookmaker, it is clear that Bet-at-Home on the Central European market has specialized, both in terms of the betting offers as well as the sponsorship of the company. We will show you everything that’s Important around the Bet-at-Home sports betting.

Overall, are at Bet-at-Home 29 betting categories available. The Top sports such as football, Tennis, Basketball or ice hockey. Here is a wide selection of betting markets is to be found in the rule and, above all, the football is given special attention. But it is not only the most well-known sports, there are in this book-makers – even those who enjoy betting on niche sports, come here fully at their expense. So bets can be placed, for example, games at water Polo and netball, Curling and football betting and even betting offers apart from Sports, select.
Even when the superficial examination of the betting offers it is clear, on what sports events larger value. So, for example, in football, in countries such as Germany and Austria, in addition to the professional football Amateur leagues represented – and here there is also a large selection of betting markets. And also in the other betting categories betting markets in Germany, Austria and Poland appear in the the top of the list seats.

Now at Bet-at-Home bets!

Bet-at-Home offers not only sports betting, also in the sponsorship of the bookmaker operates. In the course of time, Bet-at-Home with Teams and players from the football, Tennis, ice hockey, Handball, Volleyball and Ski sports. Here you can also see the focus on the Central European market. The company has sponsored in the majority of cases, out of this room. As an example, for example, the Following Teams are:
Let’s look at the Bet-at-Home sports betting is a little more accurate. As already mentioned, football is the Top sports offered for betting. Overall, games from almost 90 countries of the world are to be found betting options for football. There are countries in which not only the professional but also the Amateur and youth games are offered. Of course, there are also versatile betting markets in international tournaments like the world Cup or Champions League.

DFB Pokal betting at Bet-at-Home

Amateur encounters there are in the betting offer from Bet-at-Home, in Turkey and in Italy.
Among the betting markets in international meetings such as the Champions League as well as leagues from 27 countries, including the USA, Germany, England, Lithuania, Argentina, as well as the Netherlands, Austria and Poland. Furthermore, basketball games are provided the VTB United League and Adriatic League for betting.
In this sector Bet offers tournaments-at-Home encounters in all four of the Grand Slam, the Play of the ATP – and WTA-Tour and games in the framework of the ITF season. For the Davis Cup and the Fed Cup, abundant betting you can also markets discover.
Ice hockey-leagues from 15 countries are to be found at Bet-at-Home, as well as all the international Events. The German ice hockey there are DEL and DEL 2, the games have been included in the betting offer. In the US market, Bet-at-Home NHL and AHL games. In ice hockey in Austria, EBEL, as well as Alps Hockey League games to bet on.
The live betting area of Bet-at-Home also looks good, because the bookmaker is also positioned well in this respect. Here, the bookmaker would like to concentrate also in the live betting in the first place, but not only on Top sports such as football, Tennis, Basketball and Volleyball. Betting offers are in lesser-known sports and little leagues.

Live betting at Bet-at-Home
To meet the most Sports extensive statistics you can access to help to make a rmed betting decision. The Live games, you bet, you can. in the single view as well as in the conference-presentation view or multi-view, which is even more betting markets at a glance
In the field of virtual sports, there are overall categories, including a myriad of betting options. On Virtual Football League matches you can bet at Bet-at-Home, as well as Basketball and tennis games. In addition, the bookmaker offers more betting markets for virtual horse and dog racing. Every day, new games, and, in principle, be found in a short distance, you can bet around the clock on games in your favorite category.

Virtual Dog Race

The bookmaker Bet-at-Home since the year 1999 on the market. The company was founded in Wels, Austria. Since 2004, at-Home, Bet-a public limited company and listed since the end of the year on the stock exchange in Frankfurt. The Bet-at-Home group operates companies in Austria, Germany, Malta and Gibraltar. In addition, the betting company received in 2011 a license from the Italian gaming authority for the sale of sports betting and Casino Games.
In 2012, the betting got company also licenses the Ministry of the interior of Schleswig-Holstein for the event and the marketing of sports betting and Casino Offerings. In addition, at-Home got Bet in the year 2014, a license from the Gambling Commission in the UK and since August 2015 the betting has also a license for sports betting in Ireland.
Bet-at-Home more than 4.5 million people currently has to its own customers. Off the Bet-at-Home sports registered users can access bets on offers such as Poker, Casino and Live Casino games and Virtual sports. With the offer of the betting companies, especially in Eastern Europe and in German-speaking countries.

Bet-at-Home is an international bookmaker with Austrian roots, has existed since the year 2000. 4.5 million people are logged in to the betting providers and the number of customers continues to grow. If you register as a Bet at Bet-at-Home, you can look forward to a broad and diverse range of betting options. As with most other bookmakers, Bet-at-Home Top of sports, where special attention is paid to. This includes football, Tennis, Basketball and ice hockey.
But also in the less known sports, there are this provider, many of the betting to discover markets. Anyone who wants can place bets on events outside of sport. Can see betting the live sector, and also serves both the most famous as well as less popular betting categories. Furthermore, Bet-at-Home betting opportunities in the Virtual Sports available in five different categories.

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