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In Germany, the Betting and lotteries act, which States that bets on sports betting, horse racing and lotteries are taxable. All of the betting provider, based in Germany, and those who offer their services in Germany, these laws are subject to and must ensure that the taxation is functioning. It also looks at Bet-at-Home – here at the wagering taxes are collected, the customer pays. In the following, we want to explain to you all about Bet-at-Home betting tax and the bookmakers a little closer to the present.
Since the year 1922, in Germany there is the so-called Betting and lotteries act (RennwLottG, RWLG). It is the oldest common type of tax in the country. It is an indirect tax. The revenue from the tax revenues go to the provinces, where most of the administration is subject to.
According to the law, the profits from sports betting are subject to tax. They’re not in the list of income that is taxable according to the legislator (§ 2 Abs. 3 of the EStG). To include the taxable income of the following:
This means that you are allowed to keep all of the amounts you win when you bets, to 100 percent. The state would pay tax on the profits at sports betting, could also be the losses claimed as a tax deduction. This would be for the state not a very good business, because the vast majority of sports bettors lose more than win.
If you win a large sum of money when betting, and this money is profitable, it will look a little different. In this case, you must pay tax on the returns from the investment and pay the withholding tax or the capital income tax.
It is different, of course, if you are as a professional sports bettor. Professionally means in this case that they live to win of your betting. In this case, you would need to register a business and their income to be taxed. There are no income limits are defined, however, you get to call yourself a professional player. In case of doubt, just at the tax office or your own accountant demands.
Of course, the state wants to secure control for the activities of the betting market and presented in the year 2012, an Amendment to the Betting and lotteries act. After this, they all have to be taxed operations with a rate of 5 percent. This change in the law relates to the entire betting market in Germany. It doesn’t matter where the bookmaker has its own headquarters, the bookmaker must for all betting their own customers from Germany bets pay 5 percent to the tax office.
We summarize once more: wins you achieve when betting and tax-free. However, the scheme, the betting operators must provide 5 percent of the total operations of the German betting customers as a control since 2012. In order to escape the bookies to quite large amounts in revenue. What can they do now? In principle, there are five possibilities, which the betting companies:
For each of the options described above, there are numerous bookmakers as examples, and each approach has both advantages and disadvantages. Some bookmakers even go so far that they allow the customer the opportunity to decide for themselves for a Versteuerungsart, such as in the case of Sportingbet. More in the article betting tax in Germany.
What options are there, you know now. We come to the question of how the Bet-at-Home betting tax ordered. This bookmaker is one of the companies that the tax to deduct from the bet amount of the betting customers.
Practical example: for a tip: suppose you want to use for your bet, a sum of 10 Euro and although in the case of a present ratio of 3.0. Without the deduction of betting tax you would receive in case of winning 30 Euro. At Bet-at-Home, you would bet, however, with an amount of 9.50 euros. This would result in a profit of EUR 28.50.
How the taxation in Bet-at-Home is handled, you know now. Now we want to introduce to you the offer of the bookmaker a little closer. But who goes into the betting events at Bet-at-Home, you can find betting markets in 28 categories. Soccer is one of the Top sports as well as Tennis, Basketball and Handball. In addition to real sports bets on virtual sports placed. This includes football, Basketball, Greyhound racing and Tennis.
The sector for live bets is large, and at any time of day or night as well as the numerous encounters of the betting customers to be discovered. There is a live Ticker of the Games, as well as a large statistical sector, with many comparisons and background information. Not only on the PC Bet bet-at-Home customers, but also via Smartphone and Tablet without restrictions on the betting offer, and all services to access.
Not only with sports betting can sell to the customers of Bet-at-Home the time – this online provider provides a Casino and Live Casino with hundreds of Games of all kinds. For all offers enough of an account and the Deposit amounts can also be used in a flexible manner for all services.
New customers at Bet-at-Home a Bonus worth up to 100 euros. The free credit we granted for the first Deposit in the Form of a 50 percent Bonus. This means that you need to make for the maximum bonus amount a Deposit of 200 euros. There is a promo code and this is “FIRST”.

The bonus money is credited, prior to withdrawal, the funds must be played first. To do this, the customer sets the Bonus and Deposit at least four Times and within 90 days after Redeeming the coupon codes. There is a minimum odds for qualifying bets is predetermined, and this is at 1.70.
All betting bets must be taxed in Germany, since the year of 2012, a rate of 5 percent. There are several ways for a bookmaker, the betting tax deal. Bet-at-Home has chosen, as 5 per cent, to be deducted directly at the time of placing a bet by the bet amount to the customer. The customer of the bookmaker carries the Bet-at-Home betting tax. Other betting providers transfer the taxes into the betting odds or pay this out of their own pocket. Each approach has advantages and disadvantages for the customer and the betting provider – and this feature alone is not says a lot about the quality of the betting services.

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