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eSports betting on League of Legends are very popular and are heavily scrutinized. League of Legends (LOL) is the best known and most popular eSport title in the world. In 2009, the company Riot released the game is played by almost approximately 100 million players worldwide. It supports Windows as well as Mac OS X. League of Legends because of the game’s principle, the large Community of Fans and the professional tournament organization by Riot absolutely to bet. The tournaments has Riot even in the Hand, and manages these. The Teams are organized in a global professional League. Once a year, the League in the main event of the Champion Ship Series (LCS) finds its climax. Millions of viewers on the Internet to fire in the world here are your favorites. 2016 for a record sum of 11 million dollars was provided in cash prizes available.
Professional book-makers have long understood, what is eSports and how this will develop. Therefore, some bookmaker to offer eSports betting on League of Legend. We were a total of seven betting providers to identify the sports betting on League of Legends. Pinnacle Sports is certainly betting the bookmaker with the biggest one LOL offer. However, the bookmaker, Pinnacle accepted since the beginning of 2016 no German customers. Other Book the gap is closed immediately. The League of Legends offer eSports betting can be with bookmakers like Betway, NetBet or Ladbrokes see. We have selected the best and seriösten sports betting provider for League of Legends bets here. All betting operators have a valid EU license and are therefore 100% reputable. Please bet not stalls on any Russian or Koranic Betting. Bet legal and safe!

Those of you for betting with real money on eSports or betting in General, new territory, should take the time to read this article. To League of Legends bets, you need first a account with a bookmaker. The best and safest betting providers, we have compiled for you a list. These Bookies are absolutely trustworthy. So you have no worry that your money could be gone. Professional bookmakers have a valid license. This certificated security and is guaranteed by the Minimum Standards. All recommended bookmakers work according to these quality standards.
The Opening of a betting account takes just 2 minutes. Watch Bonsuangebote that we have listed in our Overview with. Currently the free bet at Ladbrokes and Betway Bonus. Also the Bonus with no Deposit at Comeon! to be recommended at this point.
Every bookmaker offers you a variety of eSports Matches on the can be wagered. Depending on the strength of certain quotas. The rate reflects the multiplier again, your application will receive, you should lie with the bet correctly. A Match between Team Liquid and Cloud 9 could have the following ratios:
1,50, Team Liquid vs. 2,50 Cloud 9
You bet 100 € on Team Liquid and this win against Cloud 9, you will receive 150€, and thus have earned 50€.

Fig. On League of legends at Ladbrokes betting
To ensure the selection of the right Sporwetten provider, especially on the complete package. Be fooled not offered the bonus. This can be attractive, but are subject to the bonus conditions. Given there are, unfortunately, nothing. All of us featured betting provider are reputable and safe. You may count on it. Other criteria that make for a good betting, are the betting offer, the rates, Service and Support, and especially the Deposit and withdrawal methods. Betway and Ladbrokes currently support PayPal. These betting providers are the largest Bookies in Europe. Good conditions for a successful launch. We also recommend to always have multiple betting accounts to be able to rate differences to exploit.
League of Legends at Netbet (excerpt of games and odds)
The Riot Games developed the computer game League of Legends (LoL) excited about 100 million players per month. The game was released in 2009 and immediately became one of the most popular Games in the world.

All seven of the bookmakers are reputable and we recommend to. The largest betting offer, with security at Betway. The bookmaker is the most professional and the most award-winning bookmaker, and thus one of the best betting providers in the world. The Bookie Betway offers PayPal and 100% Bonus to a almost appropriate betting offer. Betclic is in France, just because of the odds popular. Bet-at-Home is a German supplier – for all who want to be on the safe side. NordicBet customers from Germany accepted only recently. Even if the offering in the German-speaking area is partially in English and the Bonus clearly, NordicBet can convince the betting offer. Depending on are like your preferences for each of the right eSports bookmaker.
To offers just major tournaments, the sports betting company betway are also special bets on League of Legends. In addition to the Handicap bets are mainly bets to win the tournament, bets on First Blood, or bets on First Dragon. Bet-at-home is still a bit reluctant with the bet offer. Only single bets are the here program.
Fig. League of Legends odds at Nordicbet
LCS Riot is running an official League called the LCS (championship), divided into 2 Splits: the spring and summer. It is a LCS for each Region. Each Split lasts several months and is played on LAN. The Format may vary a little depending on the Region, especially in the Korean Version of the OGN. rmation available at http://lolesports.com/ . The teams that have qualified to play in the world championship, usually in October. This is one of the largest, if not the largest ESports tournament-with over 2 million USD in prize money.
In the game, the players are divided into two Teams (red and blue) consisting of 5 players each, where the main objective is to destroy the other teams, a large structure in each base. You can choose from over 121 Champions all with their own unique abilities and playstyles Each champion starts at level 1 and throughout the game you collect experience, can be used to Upgrade their abilities and statistics. The card has three different paths, the upper, middle and lower alley, and each one leads to the other Teams. These cars spawn waves of creeps every 30 seconds and kill your hero experience and if you, you are the Land of the death knell for the Creep Gold. The gold can be used for the purchase of Items from the Shop located in the base station. Each lane has 3 towers, not attack any creeps or heroes that are in its proximity, and they must be destroyed, the enemy base vulnerable.
There are a total of four maps with different game modes. Including the classic 5v5 map (Summoner’s rift), a 3v3 map (twisted treeline), a card for Dominion (crystal scar) and a map for ARAM (howling abyss). There are different game modes: ranked games, normal games, free games and cooperative games. In addition, there is an observer mode and a Tutorial. Completed games will be displayed in the personal game history. In addition, there are occasionally temporarily available game modes.

be recorded in a Central ranking system. Victories in ranked play, leave the player in a ranking list to ascend, down to descend layers. Ranked games are like normal games, however, this requires a Summoner Level of 30, as well as to a minimum number of 16 Champions, for a couple alone or in a group, or to the fifth (or third in the Twisted treeline) participate.
In Cooperative Games, the player can compete either alone or as part of a group against a Team of Non-player characters. In free Play, players can meetings to manually create individual create Game, where other players can join in on a game list.
is the most played map on your 5 is played against a 5. The map has three Lanes with three towers per Team, and an Inhibitor per Lane. Usually, two of the Lanes (“top” and “mid”, so the upper and middle Lanes) to be defended by one player and the last Lane (bot) of the two players. The fifth player is in the jungle between the Lanes. An advantage of this is that two Champions have to share the collecting experience points. In addition, the “Jungler” “gank”. Under a Gank is the Surprise an opponent with a rune, which should lead to a “Kill” and therefore, to Gold and experience points.
the only 3 vs 3 map is in League of Legends. On the map, there are only two Lanes. Be separated the Lanes from the jungle, to see the altars and special neutral monsters. The strongest of these monsters is a spider named Vilemaw, which is to be compared with Baron Nashor of Summoner’s rift. For Killing the entire Team gets certain advantages. For the Take and Holding the altars, the Team benefits you will be rewarded. Crystal scar 2011, it was announced by Riot Games, a new game mode: League of Legends: Dominion. On the following Gamescom, the game mode was first playable, and should be short will it be published en. In 2011, the final Version of Dominion was released, which includes a new map and the game mode. On the map crystal scar, which is built in a Circle, there are five control points that must be taken by Champions. Both Teams start with a certain amount of points, which decrease when the opponent is more control-dominated points than the Team or Champion of the team kills. The Team that has the first out of points loses. As with the classic game mode here
if a vassal was dispatched. In contrast to the classic game mode, Dominion-oriented in terms of style of play and victory conditions more akin to the Play of the Battlefield series. By the construction of the map, there should be more and faster battles.
In early 2013, Riot Games, a very popular unofficial game mode called ARAM (All Random All Mid). The game mode is played on the map howling abyss, which has only one Lane. In this game mode, a normal 5v5 Match is played, however, there is only a single Lane, which is fitted as in normal 5v5 in Summoner’s rift, with turrets, inhibitors, bushes and minions. In order to win, the Team will need to destroy the enemy Nexus. It is not possible to teleport to the Summoner platform, to heal. There are on the map, however, life relics, the life and Mana restore, and periodically re-spawn. The Visit of the Shops is also limited. This can visit a player at the beginning of the round and after a death, what is it that makes games unpredictable and interesting. Each player receives a “buff”, which include an increased mana regen, more Gold per second, and more experience.
The peculiarity of this game mode is that each player gets at the beginning of the round a random Champion is selected and this play. There is the possibility to collect points and to get a new random Champion assigned. The number of points per game depends on the number of Champions the player owns.
Due to the special nature of the ARAM game mode, the game is unbalanced, mostly because some Champions are stronger than others, which is why he is not played in E-sports to a professional.

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